Nursing Home Staff Arrested For Running A Dementia Fight Club Between Elderly Patients

Nursing Home Staff Arrested For Running A Dementia Fight Club Between Elderly Patients

Staff members who created a "fight club" for dementia parents in a senior care facility in North Carolina were arrested for their appalling actions. In the dangerous scheme, dementia patients were made to fight each other while the staff members watched and recorded the fights.

The three women were Marilyn Latish McKey, 32, Tanacia Yvonne Tyson, 20, and Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, 26. The police were tipped off about what the three were doing as workers at Danby House.

Once they were put in custody, the three women were charged with assault on an individual with a disability.

Authorities Got Reports Of Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Staff Arrested For Running A Dementia Fight Club Between Elderly Patients

In conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the authorities started investigating allegations that seniors were getting abused at the facility. That is how they discovered that the three women were responsible for the abuses.

Court documents claimed that the three staff members would film residents as they encouraged them to fight each other.

Two of the seniors fought each other as the women looked at them and filmed the fight. The two ladies were 70 and 73 years old.


The Residents Didn't Get Any Assistance

In the video, one of the women involved in a fight fell onto her bed. Her opponent kept hitting her. At some point, one woman shouted for help, but none was forthcoming.

All she got was a response from one of the employees telling her to stop screaming. Another encouraged a different resident to "punch her in the face." The other employee voiced concerns that the phone might not be recording the fight since she wanted to have the video sent to her afterward.

The Three Women Were Fired Following The Accusations

Administrators at Danby House were working with the police during the investigations to make sure the residents who had been affected got justice.


Following the incidents, the facility introduced a more rigorous vetting process for new and existing employees. A representative for the senior facility pointed out that they considered the incident an opportunity to improve the standard of care they offered their residents.

The Health Care Facilities Had More Issues To Worry About

In addition to the fight club, Danby House had other issues. Months earlier, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services sent letters to the facility's administration over multiple violations.

The facility ended up getting suspended from admitting new patients.


The Women Didn't Have To Spend Any Time Behind Bars

Although what the women did was truly disgusting, the punishment awaiting them was not as harsh as most people would expect.

They committed Class A misdemeanors, and these only have a maximum sentence of 150 days in prison.

In fact, the women were allowed to go free on bond soon after they got arrested.