Nursery Worker, 20, Had Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy And Had His Baby After Seducing Him Over Video Games

nursery worker, 20, had sex with 13-year-old boy and had his baby after seducing him over video games

Not only did a married nursery school worker have sex with a boy of 13, but she also had his child. She managed the sickening feat after seducing the boy while he was playing video games in his bedroom.

Leah Cordice is 20 years old, and she comes from Windsor.

Apparently, she was drunk when she walked into the boy's bedroom. He was playing Xbox at the time, and she pulled down his pants and had sex with him.


This went on for about a year, and she would have sex with the boy about two times every month since then. In fact, she did not stop even after she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl.

All along, the husband thought this girl was his kid, but DNA later proved him wrong when it showed that the teenager was actually the father.

At the time, Cordice was studying child care as she worked at the local nursery. Now, because of her despicable actions, she faces five counts of sexual activity with a minor.


Two of the charges relate to crimes she did while 17, while three are in relation to sexual encounters with the boy when she was 18 years old.

nursery worker, 20, had sex with 13-year-old boy and had his baby after seducing him over video games

The judge said that the boy explained that the teacher started having sex with him when he was 13 years old. At the time, she was drunk, went to his home, and then walked into his bedroom.

Initially, the two had a normal conversation as he played on his Xbox and watched YouTube videos.

The Teacher Made The Move

Once in his bedroom, Cordice sat on his bed and started hugging and kissing him. The boy admitted that he could not resist the offer:


"I could not really say no. She would have kept asking and asking me to have sex."

So, he gave in, but later felt strange when she did not say anything about it. As this relationship went on, she got married to her husband and later had a baby.

How Did The Husband Find Out?

Initially, the affair remained hidden from the husband for several months.


Later, when he learned about the strange affair, he got angry and even shouted at the boy. From there, he did not say much to him.

The boy says Cordice occasionally spoke to him about her husband:

"She spoke about him to me sometimes, just how he had been annoying her, accusing her of stuff."

In all likelihood, the "stuff" she was getting accused of was an affair. However, we are willing to bet that the husband did not think it was something as crazy as what he eventually unearthed.

nursery worker, 20, had sex with 13-year-old boy and had his baby after seducing him over video games

For obvious reasons, she had to forget about completing her child care course. Her job at the nursery also came to an end, and a lot of parents are undoubtedly very relieved to learn that she is no longer in a position to take advantage of their children.

She Says She's Innocent

Although there is irrefutable DNA evidence showing that the boy is the child's father, the woman says that she is not guilty:


"I deny any sexual contact with the complainant."

She went as far as saying the boy was actually a bother to her:

"He has always had a crush on me and would always make inappropriate remarks and do inappropriate things such as grab me and annoy me. We did not have sexual contact."

According to Ms Ong, the prosecutor, it's likely the lady will eventually argue in court that the boy raped her:


"What she may say is that she was raped by the boy. The prosecution's case is that there was no such thing but these individuals agreed to have sexual intercourse with one another."

Even though the sex was consensual and fun for both of them, it is not okay for anyone to have sex with underage children regardless of their gender.

So, it's more than likely that this woman's little affair will have far-reaching consequences that will follow her all her life.