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Now You Have To Worry About Guys Anonymously AirDropping Pics Of Their Junk To Your Phone

If you own an iPhone, you are likely familiar with the Apple Airdrop feature which allows you to send and receive pictures and files wirelessly. However, some individuals are exploiting this application by sending anonymous dick pics to women who are total strangers. This behavior is appalling and must be addressed. To protect yourself from becoming a victim of such deplorable behavior, here is what you should know.

1. It Tends To Happen On The Subway

The disturbing trend was initially observed in London in 2015, and more recently, reports have surfaced about women receiving unsolicited dick pics while riding the subway in New York. This is absolutely disgusting! As if commuting via public transportation wasn't already frustrating enough.

2. It's Not Just A Picture Of A Stranger's Junk

Receiving an unsolicited and revolting picture from a stranger is bad enough, but it's even worse when the person who sent it to you via AirDrop is on the same train as you. You can't help but imagine that the sender is watching your reaction from a distance, which is incredibly unsettling and even frightening.

3. It's Easy To Open The Message By Mistake

You may receive a notification or be informed that a nearby iPhone is attempting to share a note with you. Seems harmless, doesn't it? Well, think again! When you open it, you may be confronted with an image of a stranger's genitalia. To make matters worse, images embedded in notes do not provide a preview, making it easy for you to open the message without realizing the offensive content it contains.

4. It Can Lead To Embarrassing Situations

Encountering an unsolicited image of a stranger's penis is already unpleasant enough, but the fact that anyone nearby could see it on your phone is even more distressing. Imagine if your niece or grandmother happened to glance at your phone while the message was displayed! It can be very distressing for anyone who falls victim to these offensive images sent by these despicable individuals.

5. It's Sexual Harassment

There is no question that this behavior constitutes sexual harassment. It involves someone in a public setting invading your personal space. The person who sends these unwanted images via AirDrop must be within Bluetooth range of your phone, which means they are no further than 328 feet away from you. This proximity is far too close for comfort, but even if they were thousands of miles away, it would still be a heinous act.

6. You'll Likely Feel Trapped

One of the most troubling aspects of this trend is that it occurs while you're using public transportation. You may not always have the option to exit the train and flee the scene, so you're left sitting there feeling as though you're being scrutinized and observed. Additionally, you have no idea who the perpetrator is. What if they approach you and attempt to engage in conversation? You have no knowledge of the individual who sent you this message and could be dealing with someone unstable. It's unjust to be placed in a situation that can cause significant emotional distress.

7. Guys Who Do This Are Cowards And Losers

Individuals who engage in this behavior are complete losers. Who would stoop so low as to send strangers unsolicited images of their genitalia? While they may believe that this is a way to rebel against women's opposition to receiving these types of images, they need to understand that it's not appropriate to send unsolicited dick pics. The trend is essentially about men with perverted inclinations harassing women by forcing them to view explicit images. This conduct is entirely unacceptable!

8. It's One More Thing That's Wrong With Society

As a woman, simply leaving the house and being out in public can be a difficult experience due to the various forms of harassment one may encounter, such as sexist remarks, catcalling, or unwanted advances. It's enough to deal with already, without the added nuisance of receiving unsolicited penis pictures via AirDrop. However, you're not going to tolerate this behavior or permit it to continue. You have the power to take action and put an end to this issue once and for all.

9. Remember: This Is Illegal!

In many states, exposing one's genitalia in public is a criminal offense. Therefore, if you receive an unsolicited penis picture via AirDrop, it's important to report it to the police. It's crucial to save the image as evidence so that law enforcement can potentially identify and apprehend the individual who sent it. Taking this action is an effective way to put an end to this behavior and discourage perpetrators from continuing to engage in it.

10. You Can Prevent It From Happening To You

By adjusting your iPhone settings, you can take preventative measures to avoid receiving unsolicited genital pictures via AirDrop. Simply access your iPhone's AirDrop settings and ensure that it is set to "Contacts Only," limiting the ability for strangers to send you files and images. Alternatively, you can temporarily turn off your AirDrop receiving settings altogether to avoid any unwanted images. If your settings are set to "Everyone," you run the risk of receiving unsolicited genital images from strangers.