Now You Can Get Hard Hats For Your Toes!

Now You Can Get Hard Hats For Your Toes!

We all know that you can get hard hats to protect your head when you are in certain environments. This includes working on building sites, and in other areas where there may be hazards.

However, it has now emerged that you can get the same type of protection for your toes! This is thanks to a product called stubstoppers, which are hard hats for your toes.

More About These Toe Protectors

These novel protectors were created by Matt Benedetto, and they are literally like miniature versions of hard hats. Of course, the product is a tongue-in-cheek creation and is great as a gag gift for someone.


So, let's find out more about these miniature toe-savers:

They Are Part Of The Unnecessary Inventions Site

As we mentioned, these toe protectors were created by Matt Benedetto, and these have been put up for sale on the Unnecessary Inventions website. This is where you will find a range of other novelty items that are perfect for fun gifts.


They Are Secured With Elastic

Obviously, while a hard hat sits nicely on the head, hard hats for toes will not do the same. So, you need to be able to keep these toe protectors in place some other way.

Fortunately, the creator of stubstoppers has made this very simple. The toe protectors have pieces of elastic, and this can slide over your toe to keep them in place.


They Make Cool Joke Gifts

We all know someone who loves joke gifts when special occasions roll around. Well, these toe protectors make a great gift for the fun person in your life.

They come at an affordable price, so you can give a joke gift without breaking the bank. Plus, you never know when the recipient will find them useful.

They Are Ideal For Clumsy People

If you know someone who is clumsy and always tripping, these toe protectors are perfect. They make an ideal gift for the clumsy person in your life.


With the help of these novelty protectors, they can now avoid sore and bruised toes. If they stub their toes on anything, there will be neat little protectors in place.

A Great Way To Save Bruised Toes

With these hard hats for your toes, you can combine fun and practicality. They are ideal for saving you from suffering bruised and sore toes.


What's more, they can be purchased at an affordable price online. So, saving your toes from pain and suffering won't cost the earth!