Now I'm Just Beautiful

Now I’m Just Beautiful

You must have met a woman who left you wondering where her confidence comes from. "How is she so comfortable with who she is?" You wondered.

Today, you will learn the truth.

You want to be like her? Here is what it takes.

1. Love Yourself First

now i'm just beautiful

Don't expect anyone to love you more than you love yourself. So, waiting for your partner, kids, friends, and family to give you a confidence boost by showing you love will not give you lasting confidence. Be comfortable with whom you are, regardless of how other people respond to you.

2. You Don't Have To Choose Between Career And Relationships

now i'm just beautiful

Yes, you can have both. Don't focus all your attention on one of them, obviously, because the other will inevitably suffer. Strike a balance and you can have both and enjoy multiple sources of self-accomplishment.

3. Be In Control

now i'm just beautiful

The confident woman you see knows how she wants her life to turn out in the future. She is in control and knows what she wants in life.

So, have goals and chase after them that will give you all the confidence boost you need to become the enviable woman you admire.

4. You Are More Than Your Looks

now i'm just beautiful

Who doesn't enjoy looking good? I bet no one. And there is nothing wrong with that. But there will be times when you feel you don't look your best.

At these times, find the confidence that you are a strong woman with a lot of attractive qualities to offer. Also, note something: your looks should not be your greatest source of confidence.

5. Learn To Say "No"

now i'm just beautiful

Yea, we want to be liked. And so, we often say "Yes" when our guts are saying "No." Learn to put yourself first if the alternative is hurting yourself to appease others.

6. Create Your Own Happiness

now i'm just beautiful

One way you can give up the awesome power within you is by giving other people the chance to determine when you will be happy.

The approval you get from others will never bring you joy. In fact, that is one way to guarantee dissatisfaction with life. Make happiness your responsibility.

7. Don't Obsess Over Other People's Behaviors

now i'm just beautiful

You can only control yourself. So, if other people get upset, jealous, or act in any other manner towards you, that is not entirely your fault.

By all means be a decent human being, but don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

8. Learn To Appreciate Other Women

now i'm just beautiful

Most women know how to tear other women down. But that will get you nowhere in the confidence game as you will end up having less appreciation for success, intelligence, and beauty, the very things you need to be a strong, confident woman.

9. Breakups Don't Mean You Are Broken

now i'm just beautiful

Many people assume relationships fail because they are failures. Some relationships are not meant to work. Period.

Compatibility matters in relationships. Understand that. When there is no chemistry, it's pointless to go on, and it's not a reflection on you.

10. Don't Gossip Or Backbite

now i'm just beautiful

It might seem like fun to gossip and speak ill of others behind their backs. But that will cost you a lot of good friends and that will drain your self-confidence. Work on building good relationships, not tearing them down.

11. Learn That It's Okay To Ask For Help

now i'm just beautiful

It's great that you are an independent woman. Congrats! But we all need some help. So, when in a crisis, learn to ask for help. Don't let your pride get in the way.

It's simple. To be a strong and confident woman, you have to work on yourself. At the end of the day, the changes have to come from you. There is little if anything you can do about others and their actions and behaviors. So, keep working on yourself and you will become the woman you hope to be.