Notre Dame Spire And Roof Have Collapsed During Huge Fire

Photos of the devastating Notre Dame fire show how the roof and the spire collapsed as the ancient cathedral went up in flames.

The image was shared on Twitter, and eyewitnesses claim that people were crying in the streets as it happened.

During the fire, centuries of history were going up in flames.

Fortunately, there were no injuries or deaths that happened during the fire. However, those close to the scene were requested to stay away.

The gothic cathedral is 850 years old, and the fire began on April 15. There were plans to renovate the cathedral as it had gotten into quite a bit of disrepair.

Reports indicate that the fire started by accident, and there are no signs that the fire was caused through arson.

According to firefighters, the fire began in the cathedral’s attic, and it might have something to do with the ongoing renovation work at the cathedral.

But there is no official statement on the cause of the fire. Scaffolding had been put up around the building as the renovation work continued.

Parisians, Twitter users, in tears

The fire was a pretty serious blow to Parisians. Even the French president, Emmanuel Macron, had to postpone a planned speech as a result. He tweeted that it was an emotional blow for the nation and an especially significant loss for all Catholics.

Anne Hidalgo, Paris Mayor, reassured the public through a tweet that the firefighters were trying to get things under control. She urged people to stay away from the scene to ensure the situation was handled effectively.

Other people took to Twitter to express their emotions while watching the centuries-old building destroyed by the fire. While commenting on the video documenting the collapse of the cathedral’s spire and roof, one user claimed that it was one of the most heartbreaking videos she had ever seen. These sentiments were expressed in consideration that Notre Dame was a masterpiece and a global treasure.

According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, an official inquiry has begun into the cause of the fire.

The Notre Dame Cathedral has been around since 1260, and it has had several modifications over the years.

The building has also been a huge source of inspiration for many writers, including Victor Hugo. The cathedral is considered a culturally significant icon, and it is certainly one of the most recognizable buildings on the planet today.