Nothing Hurts More Than Ending A Relationship You Gave Everything

Nothing Hurts More Than Ending a Relationship You Gave Everything

Nothing truly hurts more than knowing that your significant other no longer cares about the relationship that you have given your all to.

Choosing to end such a relationship is difficult but it's better to end it than to make a lifelong commitment to a moment-oriented person.

When you see these 5 signs, it's time to end your relationship.

You are no longer a priority

nothing hurts more than ending a relationship you gave everything

When every other person and thing becomes more important than you are, you are obviously no longer at the top of their priorities.

Your wants and needs either materially, emotionally, or physically are no longer important to him or her.

When you make plans to spend time together but he or she always comes up with the lamest excuses not to be there, it's high time you left.

If he keeps putting others before you, it's clear that you are no longer as important to him as you were.

They shamelessly break your trust

nothing hurts more than ending a relationship you gave everything

Trust is as important as love is in a relationship. If your partner lies often and never owns up when you confront him about it or she flirts with members of the opposite sex in your presence or behind your back, he or she doesn't respect you.

This is worse when you try to talk to them about it and they see nothing wrong with their actions.

It could also be that she cheats on you with your friend and has the audacity to draw comparisons and belittle you. Don't sweat on a relationship that obviously never meant much to the other party. Take your leave.

A clingy and needy partner

nothing hurts more than ending a relationship you gave everything

To some extent, two people in a relationship can depend on each other. But, it is something to be worried about if the other party is totally dependent on you.

For example, each of you should be financially capable of providing your individual necessities. When she can support herself but chooses to be totally dependent on you and yet isn't thrifty, it's time to reevaluate your relationship. You are not a cash dispensing machine.

If your partner is also an emotional blackmailer or polices your every move, don't stay on.

Tramples on your self esteem

nothing hurts more than ending a relationship you gave everything

When she is constantly comparing you with her ex and expecting you to make drastic and unrealistic changes to who you are, pressuring you to be someone you are not, don't dawdle.

This is different if you really have some bad traits you should do away with. Who better than her can very clearly see your flaws?

Otherwise, don't let anyone force you to be who you are not. If she can't love you for who you are, let her know that someone who will, will come around.

Never there for you

nothing hurts more than ending a relationship you gave everything

Your partner should be dependable; someone you can call on and know that he'll always be there for you except he's in dire straits. Someone who backs you up when you need it the most.

If he used to be but isn't anymore, it's a red light. If he chooses to be somewhere other than where you need him the most every single time, you shouldn't stay with him.

Of course, you can't be totally dependent on him but a good man who truly loves and cares for you will find time from no time to be your hype man.

Ending a relationship can hurt. You might feel like the pain will never go away or that you won't find somebody else. The truth is, you can and will get back up. It's often a wise course to end a relationship that's not promising.