Not Sorry: 10 Things A Woman Shouldn't Apologize For

Not Sorry: 10 Things A Woman Shouldn’t Apologize For

You're a strong, educated, confident woman. Yet, do you even dare to count just how many times a day you said:" I'm sorry"?

You know that saying: "Act like a lady, think like a boss?" Aren't you sick of having to act a certain way, always thinking you're stepping on the men's toes? Aren't you exhausted from continually being disrespected?

We can blame society, but the change is up to us. For starters, stop apologizing for the following:


1. Your hormones

The same hormones, many think to make us women irrational, are responsible for bringing human life to this planet.

Never apologize for being on your period, bloating during PMS or having crazy cravings. Never say sorry for anything related to what's going on in your body.

2. Your relationships

As Taylor Swift said, there's no such thing as a slut. So what if you like having casual sex? Or you don't feel like having sex?


Your body, your desires, and basically anything related to your vagina, is not up for a discussion.

3. Makeup and outfits

If you enjoy wearing cute outfits and buying makeup, that's your choice.

Remember Legally Blonde? Elle Woods graduated Harvard, had everything color-coordinated, stood up for women's rights, and defended animals! And guess what? She didn't apologize!


4.Not dreaming of marriage and babies

Not everyone wants that white picket fence life, marriage, and babies. There's nothing wrong with that, though you're right about one thing: people judge.

Just because someone's caught up in your life decisions, it doesn't mean you should be the one doing the apologizing.

Don't do anything simply because you're supposed to. Do what makes you happy.


5. Your dreams

Some women choose careers, others want to travel the world, and many are happy with motherhood.

Whatever it is that you want, go for it. And once you make your dreams come true, dream bigger.

6. Speaking your mind

The year is 2020, and women are loud and proud! Speak up, express your emotions and opinions.


You have the opportunity to stand your ground, share your knowledge, and be involved in any conversation.

7. Asking for space

If you need space, literally or figuratively, say it!

It can be an overwhelming relationship or a subway guy who's leaning onto you. It doesn't matter: you need space, and you shouldn't apologize for it. It's your right, after all.


8. Spending your money

Do you like to buy adorable toys for your dog? How much do you enjoy shopping with your friends? Did you book a cruise for one because you worked hard for the past 12 months?

How you spend your money is up to you, and others should stay out of your wallet. You earned it, and you'll spend it.

9. Putting yourself first

Women have been submissive since the beginning of time. But that's already in the past since we're busy putting ourselves first.


Taking care of yourself and being your own best friend is admirable. You are living as best as you can, and no one should apologize or feel guilty for it.

10. Saying NO!

You don't have to put up with any kind of harassment.

Sadly, we are still perceived as the weaker sex, but women are learning to stand up for themselves.


You don't have to accept that drink, please your boss in an unprofessional way, or have sex because the guy paid for dinner.

You only have one life, and there are so many great things to see and do. Why waste time apologizing, simply because you're a woman? Why not be proud of it and actually see yourself as an equal?