Not All Women Want To Be Mothers: The Stigma That Surrounds Choosing Not To Have Children

Not All Women Want To Be Mothers: The Stigma That Surrounds Choosing Not To Have Children

We are currently living in a world where birth rates are reaching all-time lows because some women understand that they can be perfectly happy without children.

But remaining childless is hardly considered the norm. There is still a lot of stigmas associated with not having children.

Some women have plenty of love for children, but a day never comes when they desire to have little ones of their own. This is even after feeling that it is time to get married and settle down, and even after finding the right man to marry.

There are plenty of perks to not having children actually. For instance, the woman can travel more, wear nice clothes, sleep in, and get enough rest and only has herself to consider. On the contrary, women with children often complain about husbands who are passive when it comes to parental responsibilities.

Childless women often find that most of their friends have children. And even those who go on to have kids, a good number are not so sure if it's the right call. According to a study, a third of pregnant women are not very sure they would like a baby.

And there are plenty of reasons women are choosing to take the childless route. For one thing, rearing a child is expensive. On average, a child requires $230,000 before they get to the age of 17, excluding college.

Having a child also forces some women into quitting their day jobs, and they are not always able to find a suitable job when they want to go back after childbirth. Having a child means giving up about 8 to 10 years of your life, and this can affect career goals and other relationships in a woman's life.

But women who decide not to have children are considered threatening as they fail to do what society expects of them.

Society also automatically assumes that women who don't want kids don't like kids either. But that is not exactly the truth.

It is just that society expects women to have kids and those who don't seem suspicious. There is even a study indicating that many people think it is morally wrong to refuse to have children. People were actually feeling anger, disappointment, and disgust towards childless women.

Furthermore, society thinks that women without children are less fulfilled, and will, therefore, have incomplete and unhappy lives.

Some argue that having children does not mean giving up a career and other life goals. To these people, not having a child is therefore not justified.

However, a study has shown that having children actually makes people less happy. On the contrary, it is assumed that children bring happiness into a person's life.

At the end of the day, it is not fair that childless women have to explain the reason behind their decisions. After all, women who choose to have children are not questioned about their motives either.

In fact, many mothers find motherhood to be more than they can handle. For instance, they struggle to be perfect moms, they work extremely hard, and they are forced to make their kids a priority every time. Being a parent today is a terrible burden because societal expectations are so high.

In the face of these circumstances, it should, therefore, be considered responsible for a woman to remain childless if she feels she is not up to the task of being a parent.

But these women are still stigmatized. All they can do is hope that someday, society will see that they lead happy and full lives, despite going against established societal norms.