Not All Learning Is Done In A Classroom - 5 Techniques For Raising A Fully Awakened Child

Not All Learning Is Done In A Classroom – 5 Techniques For Raising A Fully Awakened Child

As the saying goes, "Every day is a school day" - we're all learning all the time. And there are plenty of ways to teach your children important life lessons without being in a classroom.

How we raise our children not only has a huge impact on them but also on the world around them. Do you want your child to be fulfilled, thoughtful, and open? Then, it's important that we really pay attention to what we teach them.


Here are five techniques for raising a fully awakened child:

1. Spend Quality Time With Them

Of course, it's important to spend quality time with your kids. But this doesn't just mean taking them to parks and treating them on vacations.

To raise a fully awakened child, pay attention to what they say, think, and do. Who are they as a person? What makes them tick?


If you recognize your children as individuals, then you encourage them to be curious and open. It's important to remember. They aren't just extensions of yourself.

Answer your children's questions, and be transparent with them. You'll be rewarded with sharp, open, and sensitive kids.

2. Learn From Them

Often we see children as being not-quite adults. This means adults can forget all the wisdom and insight that children can provide.


Our little ones see things from their own perspective. Tapping into that childlike wonder really allows you to connect with and learn from your child.

Listening to and learning from your child helps them to communicate, learn, and teach others. Ultimately, this learning means we can bring out the best in each other.

3. Remember You Don't Own Them

We put so much care and love into looking after our child. Who can blame us for sometimes falling into the trap of thinking we own them?


In many cultures, children are seen as a reflection of their parents. As a result, sometimes parents can be possessive over their child's interests or decisions.

If we remember that we don't own our children, then we can see them as sites of potential. We should support our little ones rather than control them. Doing this will help to create a fully awakened child.

4. Teach Them To Communicate

As parents, we try to keep our kids safe all the time. We want to provide positive environments where they can flourish.


Of course, we can't control everything, so what can we do to help our children when they need it?

To raise a fully awakened child, teach them how to communicate. A communicative child can come to you when they need help or guidance.

Teaching your child to express themselves and their needs mean they can come to you when something goes wrong.

Of course, creating a foundation of trust is crucial to healthy communication.


5. Treat Them Like You Wish You Were Treated

Importantly, if you want your child to be fully awakened, then you need to be too.

Try to be thoughtful about how you're raising your child, so you can avoid making the mistakes of your own parents.

Be reflective about your own behavior, and treat your child as you would wish to be treated. This will improve your life, your child's life, and the lives of everyone around you.