Nose Hair Extensions Is The Latest, Most Bizarre Beauty Trend We Never Asked For

Nostril hair extension is a new beauty trend. Yes, it looks as gross as it sounds.

Women are victims of any new beauty trend that promises to help them stand out from the crowd. Even if, let's face it, it's a sh*tty one.

From bizarre brows to hell-raising hairstyles, they've scoured the internet to find the weirdest, the most unusual, and damn right freakiest beauty crazes to have ever graced the internet.

And wait until you see the nostril hair extensions! Well, that's a sentence I never thought I'd write...

'frozen ii' becomes the 'best' and highest-grossing animated film of all time

It's gross and unattractive when the hair starts poking out of your nostrils. We have long been obsessed with keeping this nasal hair out of sight using nose hair trimmers (some even look like ray guns) along with razors, scissors, and an assortment of other unsightly-hair-trimming objects.

How did this trend evolve?

But the beauty world is finally embracing them as a trend. Believe it or not, nose hair extensions are becoming a thing, and we are as confused as we're entirely mesmerized.

It all started when Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen showcased this eccentric new style. She posted a photo of herself wearing fake eyelashes glued to her nostril openings. And she was quickly followed by many others.

This is going to be one of the strangest "beauty trends" of all time. The hashtag, #nosehairextensions, has been used more than 400 times on social media, accompanying videos and photos of users who've embraced the bizarre look.

'frozen ii' becomes the 'best' and highest-grossing animated film of all time

While nostril hair extension seems to be simply for an internet show, people are clearly intrigued by the new trend. One nose hair extension video has garnered more than 147,000 views.

So it's either one person who has gone click-crazy about the trend, or people are actually interested in learning the technique. Curiosity doesn't mean that people like it.

Although it looks somewhat fun, you might want to reconsider before gluing fake eyelashes on your nostrils. According to the Cleveland Clinic, natural nasal hair actually serves a purpose: to trap dust and other particles that can carry harmful bacteria to your lungs.

Partaking in this bizarre beauty trend involves attaching the lashes with eyelash glue to the inside of your nostrils. It could pull out some of that protective hair upon removal.

We are all for full brows and natural armpit hair. But we're not sure why anybody would want to join this less-than-flattering style. But, knowing how the internet works, this possibly isn't the last time we'll be seeing these intentionally long nostril hairs.