North Koreans 'banned From Laughing' For 11 Days To Mark Anniversary Of Kim Jong Il's Death

For 11 days, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has apparently banned North Koreans from laughing and generally expressing happiness in any way. This period will be solely dedicated to mourning, but only for the former North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Il.

So, mourning over recently deceased friends or family members is also out of the question.

Basically, this means anyone who is caught giggling, smirking, or laughing might face serious consequences.

December 17, 2021, marks the tenth anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death. His son is now at the helm, and he wants the public to remember the former dictator in a special way.

For this reason, he has decreed that members of the public can't laugh, take alcoholic beverages, or involve themselves in leisure activities for 11 days. A frustrated North Korean citizen revealed the new directives.

North Koreans 'banned From Laughing' For 11 Days To Mark Anniversary Of Kim Jong Il's Death

The citizen also explained that grocery shopping was also banned on the day commemorating Kim Jong-Il's death.

However, this was just the first day of mourning. The period is intended to take more than 11 days.

Typically, the mourning period lasts for ten days, but this being Kim Jong Il's tenth anniversary, something special had to be done. That is why the mourning period is a day longer.

However, while these extreme conditions might come as a shock to the rest of the world, citizens of North Korea don't consider them unexpected, regardless of how inconvenient they are.

In the past, similar demands have been made by the government during mourning periods for the former leader.

Those who broke the rules and took part in leisure or drinking activities were taken away as criminals, never to be seen again.

The residents of the secretive nation are also not allowed to 'cry out loud,' even if a family member passes away. In fact, dead family members can only be buried after the mourning period.

That also means celebrating birthdays is out of the question, even if the special day coincides with the mourning period.

According to another citizen, the police are on high alert, conducting crackdowns on anyone deemed to be interfering with the collective mourning mood.

The police will be on special duty for a month. Apparently, during this important moment in North Korea, the police "cannot sleep at all."

As an extra step to ensure things go smoothly, state-owned companies will have to take care of food shortages. The police must remain alert to ensure that social order and safety are not violated.

As a way to remember the late North Korean leader, the state will also have art exhibitions, a concert, and even a flower display.

The wishes of one of the citizens were that the mourning period would be reduced to a week, as was the case with the mourning period for Kim Il Sung.

North Koreans have an issue with being forced to mourn the two dictators to death. Kim Jong-un's father, Kim Jong Il, reigned over North Korea until he eventually died of a heart attack at the age of 69 back in 2011.

Immediately after his death, his son took over. He continues to rule the country with an iron fist.