Noel Gallagher Misgenders Sam Smith And Calls Them A 'F***ing Idiot'

During a radio rant, Noel Gallagher referred to pop star Sam Smith using the wrong gender and insulted them by calling them a "f***ing idiot".

At 55 years old, Gallagher led Oasis, one of the most renowned UK rock bands, as their frontman.

Smith, aged 30, is a Grammy-winning musician recognized for their popular tracks like:

Their recent performance on stage was deemed 'satanic', and they have been in the news for one of their latest tracks, 'Unholy', which features Kim Petras.

Below, you can watch Sam Smith's Grammys performance, which sparked controversy.

At the Brit Awards, they made a scene by arriving at the red carpet event donning an inflatable black jumpsuit with shoulder padding.

Gallagher made an appearance on the Dutch radio station, Kink, to talk about the "current state of pop music" amidst all the ongoing drama.

During his appearance, the artist behind "Wonderwall" referred to the non-binary singer as "him" and deemed them "uncool".

When asked to clarify which pop star he was referring to, the 55-year-old responded with "Sam Smith".

The artist was then asked why they had a problem with Smith, to which Gallagher responded:

The member of Oasis is not the only celebrity to have ridiculed the "I'm Not Here to Make Friends" singer.

After their dramatic arrival on the Brits' red carpet, former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan expressed his thoughts on Twitter.

Numerous fans of Smith took to the comments section to condemn Morgan for ridiculing the star's outfit.

Even with the backlash Morgan faced over his remarks, comedian Ricky Gervais still added his opinion.

The star of After Life shared Smith's outfit on Twitter with their own head edited onto Smith's.

Like Morgan, Gervais received a considerable amount of criticism for their tweet, with many individuals defending Smith in the comments.