Nobody Tests Your Inner Gangster Like Your Daughter

Nobody Tests Your Inner Gangster Like Your Daughter

Here's How You Raise A Confident And Happy Daughter

As girls grow up, they get a barrage of contradictory messages.
For instance, the media keeps telling them being beautiful and skinny is the only way to go.

On the other hand, they are made to believe that being proud of their appearance is a no-no.
As far as brains go, girls are encouraged to be all they can be as far as their academic and intellectual endeavors go. However, they are cautioned about looking too smart.


Not surprisingly, by the time girls are teenagers, their confidence is much less than that of a typical boy.

Based on her upbringing, she will be very concerned about her looks, and she will think of herself as less capable than boys.

But your daughter can rise above these stereotypes so that she grows up to be someone who has confidence in her abilities. Here's how:

Encourage her to try many types of things

You should encourage your daughter to engage in all kinds of activities. It should not matter if they are intellectual, social, or physical. So, you should urge her on when she shows an interest in anything, even if it is considered a "boy thing."


Recognize her achievements

Both girls and boys need encouragement in what they do. However, girls are a little harder to deal with as they often focus more on their appearance than their skills or personalities. Therefore, make sure you congratulate her when she makes an important academic or athletic achievement.

Let her know what a strong and independent woman looks like

Be an example to your daughter by letting her realize that you place value on your talents and principles.
This means recognizing the contributions other women make and not mocking them for their appearances.


Also, let her realize that she can have a life of her own in addition to her relationship. The idea is to let her know that a woman can take care of things.

Make sure she knows relationships matter, but her well being is even more important

Relationships are important in this life, and it's perfectly fine to want to be in good relationships. However, since many girls are raised to be emotional caregivers, they tend to put up with bad relationships that are usually detrimental to their well-being.


Make sure you steer your daughter clear of such entanglements. She does not have to give up her career goals, her peace of mind or give up on her personal goals just to be in a relationship.

Inspire her to have big goals

Let your daughter know from early on that a woman is just as capable as a man. So, she should not limit her options as far as career goals are concerned.


Let her understand that she can get into any profession she likes, despite the gender stereotypes that such lines of work can have.

Take her issues seriously

Your daughter will have issues from time to time. When she comes to you over such, don't be dismissive and start telling her she is being dramatic. She should feel safe talking to you about anything.


It is also your responsibility to let her know that her concerns matter and that she should be heard when she has something to say.