Nobody Is "Too Busy", People Always Make Time For Those Who Matter To Them

Nobody Is “too Busy”, People Always Make Time For Those Who Matter To Them

If your friend is always too busy for you, then you need to rethink that friendship. When you need a true friend, they will always be there.

So, getting a response to your texts after days of waiting is a huge red flag.

Typically, these responses come in form of apologies, and they usually include something about being "too busy."

Nobody gets so busy that they can't spare a few seconds in three days to text back.


Saying that they were too busy is simply a lie, don't buy into it.

We are not saying that people can't be genuinely busy. But even when totally occupied by the activities of the day, they still find time for what they truly care about.

So, if you invite someone out for some fun tomorrow night and they reply a week later, that is something else other than being busy. If that issue was on their mind, trust me, they would have responded.


Yep, It's All A Myth

I think this is worth repeating: people don't usually get so busy that they can't pick up the phone to text or answer a call.

Even if they can't make it, they will make sure you know they won't keep the appointment in time. That way, you won't wait for them to show up and then get a last-minute text from them saying they won't make it.

So, if your "friend" has been sending too many "too busy" messages to you lately, it's time you accepted that you have a shitty friend, or better yet, no friend in them at all.


It's Because They Had Other Things On Their Minds

No one can miss each of your appointments because they were too busy with other things. In many cases, this shows they were doing other things. In short, in their list of priorities, you did not even make an appearance.

People always make time for what's important to them. What that means is that someone who cannot make time for you does not think you are very important to them. That's obviously a tough pill to swallow, but it's always better knowing the truth than lying to yourself and getting hurt.


A String Of Unanswered Texts

You have sent the first text and gotten no response. You sent a second, and still, nothing. It's time you moved on because you are wasting your time.

When people take days to respond or cannot respond at all, it means you don't matter as much to them as you thought. It hurts, but that's the truth you have to accept. So, just move on and focus on people who care about you. People fail to reply to your messages because they don't want to.


Your True Friend Will Never Be Too Busy

I believe all of us have had the fortune of having a true friend in our lives. And I am sure you know that these friends are usually always available and down for whatever. That is how true friends are. They are never too busy for you, even when you can see they have a lot on their plates. You are always a top priority for a good friend, regardless of other things occupying their minds and time.