No Suprise Here: Men Are Immature Until They Hit Their 40s!

No Suprise Here: Men Are Immature Until They Hit Their 40s!

Please don't shoot the messenger, but it's finally been proven that men don't mature until they are 40. Of course, women do it faster, because we are better at everything. But thoughtfully, this explains a lot!

Men do take a little longer to reach their full maturity stage. Researchers at Oxford University observed the brains of 121 participants between the ages of 4 and 40 via MRIs. Both genders were part of the study.

It's no secret that men aren't developing as fast as women. It starts with puberty, but the fact that the average Joe doesn't hit maturity until 40, is disturbing and surprising. As per the Oxford study, the "long-term development of their functional networks" suffers in this regard.

Calling a guy "man-child" is no longer a stretch. And what's even more exciting is that men's brains are bigger, but guess whose is sharper? Women! Ladies are also more efficient, with nourishing nature and better survival instincts. Not to mention that women were always better when it comes to emotional intelligence.

So, it seems like women are superior in every aspect. It was all great until studies proved that women's brains age faster than males. Maybe it's because it takes an average guy 40 years to start using it. Meanwhile, we were living under rocks, thinking that people mature at approximately 25.

Why do we put up with immature guys? Well, according to science, we want to. We love our men-children because we think they are playful. So, in a way, it's safe to say that both genders are actual messes.

Ironically, women are better at making decisions, yet we are still making choices to have children with immature men. Is there any hope for humanity? Yes and no. Not all guys reach their maturity in their 40s, and not all ladies are mature in their 30s. Just because the majority of us females know how to behave responsibly, there are always exceptions.

It's amazing how different our brains are. Women's smaller brains are better at many things, have better memory and capacity to gain responses. Yet, men are better at math and directions, which is important, let's not fool ourselves. Either way, previous studies claimed that women reach maturity by the time they are 21, and for men, it was 25. Neither turned out to be completely accurate.

Long story short, women rock, men can be replaced with compasses and calculators. It does explain why more women refuse to marry and dream of living on their own. We basically just need men for one thing: babies!

What science fails to explain is why some men never become mature adults. But, hey, at least now they have a scientific excuse to act like children.