No Response Is A Response, And You Should Learn To Accept That

No Response Is A Response, And You Should Learn To Accept That

If I told you that no response is a response, would you believe me? Remember all those times you have checked your phone expecting someone to have responded to your message or call and there was nothing to see.

It also happens face to face.

You tell someone something or even ask them a question, and all they give you is a blank stare.

Sometimes, you think maybe they forgot to text back a quick response. So, you send a follow-up text.


But look at how that went. There was still no response.

Wait! Maybe that was their response, no response is a response.

Asking the same question over and over again, hoping they will answer, does not change the fact that not answering was the answer they gave.

Where We Go Wrong

Oftentimes, we think the reason we received no response was that we did something wrong.


You imagine maybe you were not very clear about what you meant, or you asked an insensitive question that hurt them and made them unable to send back a response.

But you are blaming yourself over nothing.

And they are not necessarily to blame either. They gave you a response, just not the kind you expected.

You have to accept that no response is still a response, whether you like it or not.


By staying silent, people give clues as to what they think about you and your queries.

However, you were hoping for a different response all along, which is why you did not want to believe that complete silence was the only answer they could give you.

It's True: No Response Is A Response

And it's not just a response, but a very powerful one, actually.


They saw your message. Stop thinking that maybe they didn't get it and so you should send another message.

By giving you no response, this person tells you plenty about themselves, their view on things, and their intentions.

When someone responds with no response, they tell you they are not very willing to be part of your life, or at the very least, whatever issue you are trying to draw them into.


Also, not responding tells you that this person does not really give a damn about you and your feelings. They would rather hold on to a word or two they could have used to respond than give you the peace of mind you needed.

That is what their complete silence means.

But generally speaking, when someone cannot give you a response, it shows they are unwilling to be part of your life in one way or another.


Yes It Sucks Not Getting A Response

When the person made you lofty promises, they fill you with hope, and they knew what they were doing.

They totally know that you would have expected and even deserved more than the humiliation of looking at your phone for hours waiting for a response that would never come.


They know you are also waiting on them, hoping they will finally respond.

But while the person might think they are saying nothing, they are actually saying plenty.

This person is telling you they were just tagging you along and that there was nothing behind their words. They were just words.

You were not supposed to expect anything from them.

They are not interested. They don't care or give a damn.


Silence Is Loud, And It Says A Lot

Whether you can hear it or not, silence speaks volumes. It says a lot of things words will never say.

In their silence, you will hear all that the person is saying by not saying what you had expected them to say.

Total silence tells you that you were dealing with a despicable coward. No response is a response for the spineless.


They did not realize that they could have made it easier for you by telling you the truth instead of going silent, so you get the hint.

Honesty is a valuable trait you cannot hope to find in cheap cowards. It takes a lot of courage to be honest with people you care or don't care about.

Being honest shows you have respect for someone's dignity.

It shows you have the courage to express yourself honestly without resorting to unnecessary drama.


Someone would not go silent unless they completely lacked the guts to say what was on their minds.

The person did not want to hurt your feelings with the truth, but they hurt you many times over their silence. Also, instead of saying a single hurtful truth, they say a dozen more hurtful realities about you and them by staying mum.

So, it's not worth driving yourself crazy over such people. They are not worth that much effort.


Silence Does Not Mean You Are Being Ignored

People who are not responding to you are not ignoring you. So, stop taking it personally.

What this person is ignoring is the truth. And as we have seen, that's because they are cowards.

They are messing with your mental health and happiness, and no one deserves that. Even they know that, but they are too scared to let you know this right away.


No response is a response, and it shows you are dealing with a coward who would rather let someone hurt than face their fear.

You should not waste too much of your time on such people.

When someone gives you the no response is a response treatment, understand that they don't deserve all the attention you gave them and move on with your life.

Trust me, you will be better off that way.


You will never be a priority to this person, and you should not wait around hoping you will.

I've seen people try harder and make a little more effort to get the person's attention and coax the truth out of them.

But it never helped.

They did not respond because you were not good enough, but because there is something terribly wrong with them.

No decent human being goes around doing this to others.


The only thing no response proves is that the person was not worth your time to begin with. There is nothing else to figure out.

You Matter

You don't deserve to have people in your life who are not willing to acknowledge you matter.

Good treatment is something you should expect from those who want to be part of your life.


Waiting around is not what your life should focus on. The fact that you even waited and hoped they would act like decent human beings suggests you have a good heart and are generous and patient.

Anyone should be lucky to have you in their life.

People should be happy to have you in their lives. The right person would be immensely appreciative of you, and these are the people you should focus on.


Everyone else is just wasting your time.

No Response Is A Response, A Toxic Response

Any person who is comfortable not giving you a response when you expect it can be quite toxic. A healthy relationship is based on proper communication, and responding through no response does not cut it.

Being tortured by silence so you think and rethink your actions and your place in the person's life is not a recipe for a healthy relationship.


Silence means the person is not willing to put in as much effort as you will.

What silence tells you is that the time has come for you to run as fast as you can from that person and never look back. In fact, you should be thankful you have discovered the truth so early.

No Response Means You Have Been Put On Hold

Someone is silent because a convenient time has not come for them to say something to you in response. You deserve better than that.


Maybe someone is considering their options, and you are not exactly the first choice. It could also mean someone wants more than you can offer and wants you to stay around in case their other plans don't pan out.

This person does not want you in their lives, but they don't want to lose you either.

To them, you are dispensable, but they keep you around just in case.

If you care about your happiness at all, you should see this early enough and walk away from the whole thing.


To the person who truly deserves you, you are worth nothing less than their undivided attention.

A person who says nothing cares little about your feelings, and they see you as an option and not a priority.

They don't think much of you, which is why they are comfortable putting you on hold until a more convenient time comes for them to get in touch with you.

It would be a grave injustice to play along and sit around waiting for them to find a place for you in their lives.


For starters, that time might never come. Secondly, when it does, you will still not be the best they had hoped for, and they will think they are doing you a world of favor by letting you into their lives.

I don't think I need to remind you that this is how terrible soul-sucking relationships begin.

No Response Is A Response That Shows Things Have Gotten Worse

If you were getting responses before, and it's no longer happening, then that's a sign things are getting worse.


It could even be the other way around. You were once eager to respond, but it now feels like a waste of time.

How much effort does it take to send a message? Not much, obviously.

So, when someone decides you are not even worth this effort, then things are pretty bad.

Accept The Hard Truth

When no response is the response you get, then know that it's time to accept the bitter truth. People who truly love you will always respond, even if they have no idea what to say.


They would rather ask for clarifications than go silent.

That means when you are no longer getting a response, then love no longer exists either.

Love does not cower and hide beneath layers of inaction.

It is not subtle or secretive.

True love expresses itself in countless different ways.

It does not feel the urge to remain hidden but will stand up to anything to make sure it is felt and experienced by those for whom it is intended.


That is why no response is one of the most powerful ways someone can use to say the love is gone and the relationship is over.

Yes, silence is that powerful.

Communication is probably the most important thing in any relationship because, without it, no relationship can exist.

And so, when someone decides that they cannot communicate with you anymore, it means the relationship does not matter to them any longer. That is why no response is a response that tells you loudly and clearly: move on and stop engaging.