No Relationship Is A Waste Of Time If You Learn Something From It


It's common to hear girls lamenting about "wasting time" with a guy that eventually doesn't work out. However, even if you spend months or years with a guy who becomes just another ex, it's not necessarily wasted time. The majority of guys you meet won't be "The One," but that doesn't mean getting to know them has to be a waste of time. Once you start believing this, you'll be able to enjoy dating for what it's meant to be - fun.


1. Nothing Lasts Forever

Just because a relationship didn't last a lifetime like a far-fetched romance novel doesn't mean it wasn't valuable. Would you consider a job you had for five years a waste of time? No, because you gained some knowledge or experience from it, so it couldn't have been all bad.

2. Sometimes You Don't Know What You Want Until You Find It

Many of us are still attempting to figure out who we are and what we want. It would be convenient if we knew precisely who we were seeking among the pool of single guys, but we don't. This implies we will inevitably have to go through some not-so-great experiences before finding the so-called prince.


3. Sometimes You Have To Learn By Experiencing Something

Ignoring the warnings of others, you went ahead and dated a bad boy who still lived in his mother's basement. It's common to only understand the consequences of our actions after experiencing them firsthand. It may be foolish, but it's a fact of life.

4. You'll Figure Out Your Dealbreakers

Perhaps you believed that you could handle a man who was always focused on work. However, once you realize that he is never around and you are not a priority in his life, you might realize that you prefer someone who can relax occasionally. Now you are aware of warning signs to watch out for before getting too involved.


5. You'll Know What Not To Do Next Time

A relationship failure isn't always the fault of the man or a matter of compatibility. There are times when we are the cause of ruining a good thing. However, we can learn from our mistakes and become a better person and more appealing girlfriend in the process.

6. You'll Start To Understand Yourself Better

Discovering what you desire in a relationship is just the start; you will also begin to comprehend the reasoning behind those desires. Many relationships end because you convince yourself that you deserve better or something dissimilar. Once you have gained this knowledge, you will not settle for less, as you have come too far to give up now.


7. You Must Have Had Some Good Times Together

Following a breakup, it is typical to concentrate on the negative aspects of the relationship. However, you were with that individual for an extended period, indicating that you had positive feelings for them at some point. That sensation was thrilling at the time, so remain optimistic that you will experience it once again.


8. Dating Is 99 Percent Trial And Error

We all give the wrong people a chance until we unintentionally encounter the right one. It is not within our control to determine how long that will take, is it? Therefore, do not feel guilty for investing time in sifting through the multitude of individuals who are unsuitable for you.

9. You Probably Met People/Did Things Because Of Him That You Wouldn't Have Otherwise

Your relationship is not just about the two of you being together all the time. You will also get to know his friends and family, visit new places, dine out, and attend events that you might not have experienced otherwise. Although not everything will be perfect all the time, some of it will be enjoyable, and having an active social life is something to appreciate.


10. There's No Time Limit For Finding Love

People often say that they don't want to waste their time on a relationship that won't work out, as if finding love is only possible during a limited period of time. However, this is not true at all. Falling in love can happen at any age and at any time, regardless of your past experiences with failed relationships. It may be difficult to believe, but it is absolutely true.