No Prince Charming For Me Who Claims He Can Solve My Problems, Thank You Very Much. I Want A Lover Who Won't Become A Problem

No Prince Charming For Me Who Claims He Can Solve My Problems, Thank You Very Much. I Want A Lover Who Won’t Become A Problem

To all of you ladies looking for a prince charming, you can have them all. Leave none for me. I don't want any, thank you very much.

I know this goes against all childhood romance stories we know, but I have grown up. Today, I'm letting those who still believe in fairy tales to keep chasing the mirage that is prince charming. I am done.

I Know I Am Complete Without A Man

I don't need a prince charming to come to my rescue and make my life happy.

Come on, ladies! We are capable of incredible things as long as we focus on getting them. I have seen amazing single mothers bringing up kids who turned out to be respected successes.

Women Have Even Fought Wars And Won

You don't need a man, but if you want one, that's also fine. In fact, that's where I am at the moment.

So, let's not disappoint all the women who came before us and made an easy path for us to achieve greater achievements.

And we also need to let go of the notion that the more successful you are, the less appealing you are to potential men. You can be the most feared professional in your field and still have a loving and devoted husband at home. I've seen it happen with my own eyes.

Understand Your Boundaries

There is a difference between career and family, and both require different kinds of attention. As long as you can balance your career and your romantic life, you can have your cake and still eat it.

Yes, many women are very successful in their careers, but they lack the wisdom to have a great family as a bonus.

A relationship does not mean giving up on your dreams and ambitions, and a career does not mean giving up hope of ever having a family.

Independence is nice, but having someone who takes care of your needs is truly amazing.

In fact, in the right relationship, you will watch as other spheres of your life improve. Yes, this includes your career. A good man will be supportive of you and do whatever he can to ensure you make it in life.

That is why I don't care about meeting a prince charming riding on a majestic white horse anymore. I don't want a man who shows up and all my problems disappear because I know for a fact that's a big fat lie.

Real Men Work With You To Solve Your Problems, They Don't Pile Theirs On You

So, I am interested in finding love that motivates me to become more like myself. All the things that held me back, I want to conquer them once I have the right man in my life.

I want a best friend who gets me and accepts me in all my flaws. I am not perfect, and I know I am not the only one. So, the right man for me is pretty much a regular guy, albeit a good man, committed, loving, and appreciative of me. This man helps me become a better version of myself.

Of one thing I am sure.

You don't meet the right man for you and still have your life stay as it was. It has to change, but for the better. Most men, unfortunately, achieve the exact opposite.