No One Signed A Bullied Boy's Yearbook; Then One Message Changed Everything

No One Signed A Bullied Boy's Yearbook; Then One Message Changed Everything

At the end of each school year, kids are usually quite excited about their yearbooks. The yearbook gives them a chance to remember the fondest memories about the year and see some of the things their classmates had to say about them.

One of the more exciting aspects of a yearbook is going around and having your friends sign it and leave messages for you to remember them by.

Consequently, a sixth-grade student was understandably devastated when it turned out that only his teachers were willing to sign his book.

Nobody Wanted To Sign His Yearbook

No One Signed A Bullied Boy's Yearbook; Then One Message Changed Everything

Brody, a 12-year-old kid, has been described as being kind, intelligent, funny, and cheerful by his mother, Cassandra Ridder.

When she went to pick him up from school after the yearbook ordeal, she noticed he was overly quiet. All he wanted was to listen to music.


Ridder had gotten an email from the school saying that the kids would be taking their yearbooks home. So, she imagined Brody would be excited to speak about his yearbook and asked him about it.

However, after asking if he had gotten many signatures, he broke into tears. He then told her that some of his classmates had refused to sign his yearbook.

A handful wrote down their names, but without any messages. They did not say anything about him being smart, funny, or awesome.

Looking at Brody's yearbook broke her heart. In addition to the names the kids had written down and the messages from his teacher, he had also written a heartbreaking message to himself:

"Hope you make some more friends – Brody Ridder."

Brody Was Bullied

No One Signed A Bullied Boy's Yearbook; Then One Message Changed Everything

Brody had a problem making friends at school because he was interested in things kids his age didn't care about. He was also mocked for his thinness and ears, which stick out a bit more.

His mother noted that her son was brilliant and that most kids don't know how to relate to him. His passions are chess, fencing, and dinosaurs.

Cassandra confessed that his son cried to her pretty much every day.

According to his mother, the boy has also struggled with bullying for quite a while. He even had to change school with the hope that he would get more support and less bullying.

Unfortunately, the bullying did not stop. When the mom brought up the issue with the school administrators, the teasing reduced a bit, although it did not stop.

While in school, Brody had been pushed by other kids. He was also called names.


His Mother Requested For Help

No One Signed A Bullied Boy's Yearbook; Then One Message Changed Everything

Cassandra was broken-hearted for her son. She decided to use the school's parents' Facebook page, where she posted a photo of her son and a mostly empty yearbook while explaining her son's predicament.

All she did was ask other parents to teach their kids to be kind.

She pointed out that things were not getting any better for Brody because only two teachers and two students had signed his yearbook, although he had asked all his classmates to sign it.

She went on to say:

"So Brody took it upon himself to write to himself. My heart is shattered. Teach your kids kindness."


The next day, when Brody went to school, he sent a text to his mom telling her, "Facebook this." Along with the message was a picture of his yearbook full of signatures with messages from eighth and eleventh-grade students.

Some of the messages he got included:

"Hey dude, you're freaking awesome. Stay that way."

"Brody — you are the kindest little kid. You are so loved. Don't listen to the kids that tell you different."

"Brody — I hope you have an amazing summer! You're worth it, and you matter!"

"Hey buddy, never change, never put your head down."

Brody also told his mom that that was "the best day ever." He mentioned that even kids in his class who would not sign his yearbook were vying for a chance to do so.

After that, he had a permanent smile, and his mother now says he was pretty excited about joining seventh grade. Her greatest hope was that the kids had learned something about kindness.