No More Mrs. Nice Girl - I'm Done Tolerating B*llshit!

No More Mrs. Nice Girl – I’m Done Tolerating B*llshit!

I used to be a caring sweetheart until I discovered that no one cares about you until they have something to gain from you. I have been a fool for too long. However, I have learned that I am the one who needs to care for myself.

I have been mistreated and taken for granted by a lot of people I loved. I would apologize when I wasn't at fault. I would accept pleas and apologies even when I was intentionally and continuously hurt. I used to be blinded by love, but now, I'm done!

I'm done with tolerating relationships and people who only make me sad. I wasn't made for sadness. I don't have to remain with any of them!


Believe me; I'm done!

If you think you can treat me with no iota of humanity, I will tell your wrongdoings to your face and hit your raw nerves. I will hit you with intense and brutal words that will leave you in thoughts about your personality and traits. I will walk away and won't look back to see how you feel about those words. Trust me; I won't develop any sense of guilt either!

No more Mrs. Nice Girl. No more second chances! When you hurt me or toy with my feelings, you are gone!


I'm not a fool! I might have been naive and straightforward, but I still know I have my worth. I might have had the wrong perception of the world. Nevertheless, it isn't too late to change my perception. Never will I let you get away with any of your relationship tricks.

I'm sick of playing mind games.


I'm fed up with relationships that don't last beyond a few days or weeks. I can't continue staying with people who don't deserve my love and attention.

I'm fed up with your fake and insincere love. Enough of the heartbreak! I can't give another opportunity to people who have once broken my heart to break my heart again. I have a life to live and dreams to pursue.

I used to be terrified about losing some people, not knowing they were not worth my protection. I never wanted to be alone! I thought I had no better choice than to settle for them. I then came to realize I was wrong.


I wanted to have more friends. It's one thing to have friends and another thing to have reliable friends. I ended up being deceived by lots of people I thought were my friends. The more friends you have, the more problems you are creating for yourself.

I'm happy with just a friend or two than being surrounded by deceptive and unreliable ones. I'll instead choose to be alone with my thoughts.

I was a nice girl who pretended everything was fine when it wasn't. However, everything has changed. I was a sweetheart who tolerated too much nonsense and acts of irresponsibility, but they are now gone!

I don't deserve to be treated like I have no life of my own. I have only one life to live, and I'll live it to the fullest.
No More Mrs. Nice Girl - I'm done tolerating bullshit.