No Matter How Strong You Are, You Can Feel Tired And Exhausted

No Matter How Strong You Are, You Can Feel Tired And Exhausted

There's such thing as being too strong for too long. You're merely a human, and you need a break before you break down. It doesn't make you any weaker, quite the opposite: it takes guts to admit that even you need time off.

People come to you because you are a problem solver, and you don't allow life to push you around. You push back. It's a great feeling, but guess what? You're not a superhero, and you are allowed to feel tired, to break down in tears, and to ask for a break. You should demand love and comfort. And if you're afraid people will see you differently, that's on them.

A Powerful Person Can Cry

You have a resilient mind and an empathetic soul, but it doesn't mean you don't get overwhelmed from continually being the strong one.

In fact, your empathy can be draining, so you are more than allowed to have a good cry. Tears aren't a sign of a weak character. They are a response to a situation, and a way to release some of that negative energy you accumulated.

More Than That, Strong People Need Breaks

It would be best if you had a time out, and time off. No matter how strong, you should allow yourself to feel tired and worn out. People are always coming to you, looking for support. But your energy levels can drop, and you need to recharge.

Keep working on yourself, and stop wasting time on others. You are brave, daring, so use those qualities to find out what's your best outlet.

And They Most Certainly Need Love

You don't have to a hero for everyone, only to spend your night on your own. Normally, you want to feel loved, even adored, because you deserve it.

One of the reasons you've got this far is because of all the love you gave and accepted. If you're feeling empty right now, maybe it's time to call an old friend and have a kind, heart-to-heart talk.

It's not easy for tough, resilient people to find partners, because they are too capable, too good for most of us. You shouldn't settle, but you should also keep your eyes open because you never know where love might find you.

The Strong People Need Someone To Have Their Backs As Well

Everyone needs someone to rely on. You are as strong as your support system. No matter how much you want to think you're Superman, you are a social being, and having people who will lift your spirit will only make you stronger.

No matter how resilient your mind might be, you always have to look after yourself. Being tough is exhausting, and you might end up being a candle in the wind. Before that happens, remember to think of your needs and desires, and put yourself first.

The most important thing is that you're more than just someone who can take punches. You're also a beautiful soul, honest, brave, and full of love for others.