No Matter How Much I Like You, I Won't Chase You If You Start Being Distant

Based on my experience with dating, I can recognize when a guy is starting to pull away by observing certain warning signs. For instance, if one moment he's extremely attentive and enthusiastic about making plans with me and then suddenly becomes distant and less available, I can anticipate where the relationship is heading. Even if a guy might believe it's a clever way to gauge my level of interest, I have to inform him that I won't be pursuing him if he starts to pull away.

1. If you're playing a game, I'm not interested in winning

I am aware of the "rubber band effect" that some men use to assess their influence over women. However, if a man feels the need to play games to determine my worth, it shows that he lacks the integrity to deserve my attention. Even if he pulls away completely, it won't change my stance. I refuse to engage in such meaningless games.

2. I don't want a guy who doesn't see how amazing I am

I firmly believe that the perfect guy for me won't require me to beg or plead for him to stay. So, if a guy begins to pull back and reduce communication or suddenly becomes too occupied to spend time with me, I'll move on without any hesitation. I'm confident that someone better is waiting for me ahead.

3. I have more pride in myself than to prove my worth to you

Perhaps you're accustomed to dealing with women who are willing to put in extra effort to maintain a relationship even after you start mistreating them. However, that's not my style. I take pride in who I am, and I know there are many guys out there who would be happy to demonstrate how fortunate they are to have me in their lives, and vice versa. I won't waste my time on your nonsense when I could be much happier without you.

4. A real man would end things like a grownup

If you were genuinely worth my time, you would have the decency to end things amicably and respectfully like an adult. Instead, resorting to the slow fade technique to demonstrate your lack of interest only confirms that I'm better off without you. It's clear that you're not the right person for me, and I'm glad I figured that out sooner rather than later.

5. You're not the last guy on earth

Even if I was thoroughly enjoying spending time with you and discovering more about you, I won't be bothered if you choose to vanish and go off the grid. I'm accustomed to this kind of behavior in today's player culture and have no intention of wasting any more negative energy on it. As Beyonce puts it, I could find someone else in a heartbeat.

6. I don't want someone who doesn't want me

I could entice you with adorable texts, emojis, or even some seductive pictures, or I could stoop to a booty call just to maintain your attention. But, why should I bother? It's evident that you're not completely invested in me, or else your interest wouldn't have diminished so quickly. I desire a guy who notices when I'm gone and strives to get back into my inbox, company, and life completely - not someone who treats me as though I'm nothing special.

7. I won't bother wasting my energy when I've got better things to do

I was perfectly content on my own before you came along. I won't let your attempts to push me away bring me down or damage my self-worth. You're just another guy who's entered and exited my life without contributing anything meaningful or significant. Your pitiful way of letting me down by pulling away isn't even a real rejection in my opinion. If anything, you've only motivated me to move forward towards someone who genuinely deserves me. I suppose I should be thanking you for that.

8. I'd rather move forward and replace your memory than chase you

There was a time when I used to be the kind of girl who couldn't bear the idea of losing a guy and would make any excuse to stay in his life even when he wasn't interested. However, I've grown and learned from my past mistakes. You can distance yourself as much and for as long as you want, but one thing is certain: once you stop putting in the effort and create distance, you'll never be welcome back in my life. I'll be too busy moving forward, replacing our memories with better experiences that don't involve you or waiting for you to return.

9. It's your loss, not mine

I've been through this too many times to fall for it again. Your attempts to distance yourself won't ignite a fire in me or make me change who I am just to keep you around. I'm genuine and true to myself in any relationship, and if that's not enough for you, then I'm more than happy to let you go. I've realized that chasing after my goals and aspirations is much more worthwhile than chasing after a guy who plays games and pulls away. I have too much self-respect for that.