Nine Police Officers Shot In Shooting Incident Trying To Save A Baby

Nine Police Officers Shot In Shooting Incident Trying To Save A Baby

After the Phoenix Police department got reports about a woman who had been shot in her home, they quickly responded to the scene of the incident.

They got there in the early morning hours before the suspect allegedly invited them inside. He soon started shooting and ended up striking one of the police officers several times.

The police later described the attack as an "ambush."

After that, the suspect retreated into the home and targeted additional police officers after a different man put an infant in a pink baby carrier outside the home.

The police did not believe the gesture intended to lure police officers. Nevertheless, it was apparent that the suspect took full advantage of the situation because he took the opportunity to open fire once again.

After the man had placed the baby on the ground just outside their front door, he walked towards the police officers, and they started to detain him.

The police officers then moved in to save the baby, at which point the suspect opened fire again, striking four officers in the chest.

Ricocheting bullets and shrapnel struck four more officers.

Luckily, the officers could get cover and remain safe as the suspect continued attacking. Two of them returned fire at the suspect and managed to negotiate with him and gain entry into the home.

They found him dead inside.

The adult male suspect had died of an apparent bullet wound.

The incident took more than 7 hours.

The police officers who suffered injuries during the incident all had non-life-threatening injuries. Some of them remained at the shooting scene even after getting hit.

Jeri Williams, the police chief, said the incident was an example of the kind of risks police officers faced daily while trying to keep the community safe. He also said that the incident was quite senseless.

The woman who was the reason behind the call to the police was critically injured inside the home. Otherwise, the baby involved in the shooting was still safe by the end of the deadly ordeal.

At the moment, the police think the baby belongs to the suspect and the injured woman.