Nick Cannon Will Star In A New Game Show Where Women Will Compete To Have His Next Child

Nick Cannon is set to participate in an event dubbed "the ultimate game show."

It's a baffling situation as a contest will be held to assist a highly prolific procreator in selecting his next female partner to conceive a child with.

This idea appears to be intended to destroy the sacredness of parenthood and the process of creating new life.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Cannon will choose from a group of aspiring women who are competing to become his next mother of a child.


The game show, which some may consider offensive - apologies for the mistake - will be presented by Kevin Hart and is named Who's Having My Baby?


The 42-year-old father of 12 utilized social media to give a sneak peek of the upcoming TV program, causing discomfort for individuals with uteruses worldwide.

This utterly insane TV program will be broadcasted on E! during the spring season.

The preview, launched on International Women's Day, shows Cannon preparing to meet the potential mother of his next offspring while sitting in the "hot seat."


He says: "You're gonna get some contestants that wanna have your baby."

Following that, Cannon makes a wisecrack regarding his approach to choosing a candidate: "Eeny, meeny, miny, [moe]."

If this isn't offensive to females, young ladies, mothers, and individuals who are unable to bear children, then we are unsure what would be.

The trailer was not received positively by social media users either.


One Instagram user said: "This better be a joke."

Another said: "Surely it should be called 'Who's not having my baby'."

A third commented: "Very disappointing. This is not a flex."

A fourth user slammed him: "This is so disrespectful of all mothers and the mothers of your children. This is embarrassing."

This new game show undoubtedly implies that his previous declaration of abstinence is not going to be reinstated.


During an appearance on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast in 2022, he expressed: "I didn't even make it to January. I was supposed to make it to the top of the year."


"The thing is everybody saw I was so down. So everybody was like, 'Let's just give him a little vagina, and that's gonna cure it all'."

Cannon has consistently been open about his responsibilities as a father and acknowledged that balancing the needs of all his children and their respective mothers can be difficult.

Despite the challenges, he manages to maintain daily communication with all his children and as he expands his family, he anticipates that things will continue to go well.


Apparently, having more children would solve his challenges.