Nicest To Meanest: Zodiac Signs Ranked

Nicest To Meanest: Zodiac Signs Ranked

Ever wondered where you fall on the niceness to meanness scale based on your zodiac sign? Of course you do, which is why we are here, right?

So, here you go, starting from the top.

1. Libras

You got to give it up for Libras; they deserve this position. Being eternal optimists and tireless fighters for fairness and justice, the friendliness these folks have makes them the nicest people ever.


This creates in them a strong desire to serve others, and they do it without personal agendas getting in the way.

These selfless souls are known for putting the needs of others before their own and often sacrificing for the sake of others.

2. Pisces

It's rare getting into an argument with a Pisces. They hate conflict.

Add selflessness to this trait and they easily become one of the nicest zodiac signs there is. They know how to put the needs of others before their own, and they have genuine care and concern for other people's wellbeing.


3. Taurus

We often hear that these people are stubborn, but they are also very patient and non-critical. Their generosity and willingness to help anyone make them incredibly nice.

They are difficult to piss off, and so they rarely lose their cool.

4. Aquarius

An Aquarius will not be mean, but they have a particular dislike for mean and selfish people. They don't go overboard trying to be nice, but they attempt to accommodate others, including strangers.


They are also good at making friends, and they like to help.

But know one thing, an Aquarian will let no one take them for a ride.

5. Sagittarius

Sags are nice out of necessity–they hate negativity and that means they have to be nice to keep their surroundings positive.

They hate conflict and are nonjudgmental.

The point is, Sags are nice for their own good, not yours. But they are nice nonetheless.


6. Gemini

Whenever you see a Gemini, know that you are looking at two different people. One of them is easy to interact with, while the other is a bitchy backbiter.

If you confront this person, you will meet the mean Gemini, and you can expect to hear disparaging rumors about you.

So, a Gemini can be nice, but just as easily as they can be mean.

7. Cancer

With their moodiness, you never know if you will get a nice or a mean Cancer. It's always a coin flip.


Their attitude will depend on the kind of day they are having. If they have a good day, they will be nice.

If not, then you are out of luck.

They never hide emotion, and they often seem mean. But know one thing, these guys are not mean on purpose, they just suck at being nice.

8. Leo

With limited emotional control, Leos can be warm and gentle one minute and mean the next.


These guys are monsters because they will hurt you on purpose using their carefully chosen words. But beyond this, it's in their nature to hurt other people through the things they say and do, even without meaning it.

9. Virgo

There is nothing innocent about a Virgo. They are great pretenders, but their meanness is just beneath the surface.

But they are mean in a sneaky way, all the time.


10. Aries

Aries is impatient, aggressive, headstrong, and easily irritated. They can get very mean at the drop of a hat and blame it on assertiveness.

11. Capricorn

Capricorns are no strangers to meanness. It's like they walk around waiting for an opportunity to show others just how mean they can get.

They will be mean in a passive-aggressive kind of way, such as by being cold and distant towards you.


But make no mistakes about it, they know they are being mean.

12. Scorpio

To wrap up our list are Scorpios. Meanness is their second nature.

If you will play the role of a servant with your interactions with them, they will attempt to be nice.

But in any other scenario, they are out to get you.

See, the meanness you see on people is written in their star signs. If you are not happy with your position on this scale, hopefully, you are at least not the mean Scorpio.