Nice Guys Aren't Always Good Men - Learn The Difference

Nice Guys Aren’t Always Good Men – Learn The Difference

There is no difference between a nice guy and a good man for every pure and good-hearted woman. However, try asking those women who have gone through tough times in life and know exactly what depression and heartbreak are. These women clearly understand the difference between a nice guy and a good man.

This might sound strange to you, but believe me or not, there is a huge difference between the two types of men. So that you don't get confused with a nice man and end up ignoring the good guy, here are the differences you should know.

Nice men will charm you with their irresistible and insatiable nature. They will tell you everything you want to hear and even lie to you if they feel it's convenient. A good man, on the other hand, speaks the truth. He is not out to please you with lies and would rather hurt you by letting you know the truth. He knows that integrity and honesty are values that are more important than comfort.

For a nice guy, rejection is a thing that should never happen to him. He fights to gain validation from people so that they don't reject him. A good man knows his worth and doesn't give a damn about getting rejected.

When a nice guy finally reveals his intentions, he will try to change you and modify your personality to suit him. A good man respects you the way you are and also loves your wild peculiarity.

A nice guy cares less and would always miss your calls and ignore your messages whenever he feels. A good man cares about your feelings and will surprise you at your door with gifts.

A nice guy is there with you whenever he feels convenience. He will get you hooked, and before you know it, he will be nowhere to be found. He will expect you to be there waiting for him. This is not the case with a good man because to him, you are the most precious thing in life. He will devote himself to you and inform you about everything he does. He will never leave you hanging and welcome you to stay with him forever.

An apology is never part of a nice guy's vocabulary. He will never take responsibility for his actions and would instead blame somebody else for his wrongs. A good man knows when he is wrong and does everything in his power to make the wrong things right again.

A nice guy aims to get laid and disappear once he gets what he wants. A good man will cherish and love you forever.

A nice guy is used to a comfortable life and will never work hard to gain good things in life. He will always look for shortcuts. On the other hand, a good man is committed to making his life better and always looking for ways to grow. To him, life has no shortcuts, and the only way to achieve his goals is through hard work and commitment.

Unlike the nice guy who cares about labels and etiquette, a good guy cares about values.

So, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, learn the difference between the two and go for a good man. Don't let the nice guy trick you and never ignore the good man.