Nice Guys And Good Men Actually Have Nothing In Common

Nice Guys And Good Men Actually Have Nothing In Common

People are often confused about whether a man is good or nice. They think the two are similar, but to their surprise, a nice guy and a good man have totally different characteristics.

You can only distinguish both men through a closer study of their personalities. Both will appear to have good morals, but beyond that, the differences will start to reveal themselves, as discussed below.

The Truth:

A good man will tell you the truth in any given situation. They are not bothered by the discomfort the fact will cause.

A nice guy is an expert in sugarcoating the truth. They like to tell someone petty lies to avoid the discomfort that the ugly truth will cause.



A nice guy will take a lady for a date or shower her gifts, expecting a return on his actions. He believes and lives on the phrase that there is nothing like free lunch. He will shower you with praises waiting for you to praise him back.

A good man will do nice things for you expecting nothing in return. He will do good and give praise because he genuinely means it. When he is rewarded for his good actions, he will perceive it as an act of appreciation.


A nice guy always wants to appear as a perfect guy. They do not want to be associated with any lousy act that can tarnish their reputations.

A good man will not fear his reputation but instead is more concerned about his character.



Nice guys are self-seekers of validation because they do not want to be rejected.

Good men know their self-worth and do not need any form of validation from people.


Nice guys are unclear with their intentions for you. His plans will always be unspoken.

Good men will tell you their plans outright without hiding what they want from you.


Nice guys will pamper their girlfriends with lots of attention. They want to spend most of their free time with her due to their insecurity issues.


Good men will pamper their girlfriends with the required and appropriate attention, and give them space when they need it.


Nice guys do not accept the blunders they have made in situations. They want to blame outside forces even though they were at fault.

Good men will accept any mistakes they have done and take actions by rectifying them.


Have you been told many promises that were never fulfilled? You were probably dating a nice guy. They promise too much without acting.


Good men do not want to promise anything they know they will not be able to fulfill.


Nice guys rarely apologize as they perceive it as an act of weakness.

Good men will immediately ask for forgiveness and give an apology when they know they have done wrong to you.


Nice guys are not concerned about their character than they are with their presentations.

Good men are all about character and morals which are a part of their integrity.