Newly-Engaged Couple Thank NYPD For Recovering Their Lost Engagement Ring

Newly-engaged Couple Thank Nypd For Recovering Their Lost Engagement Ring

Daniella Anthony and John Drennan will soon be reunited with their engagement ring thanks to the awesome effort by the NYPD.

"We are so happy, we can't believe it," the young couple said.

The pair from the UK had flown to New York to celebrate 10 years of dating.

John put a lot of thought into how he was going to ask the question and had been carrying the ring around with him for two days before finding what he felt was the perfect moment.

"I want to clarify that I did not propose over a grate in Times Square - that's where we lost it," John said.

The perfect proposal had taken place a few hours earlier in Central Park.

John said; "The time was right. There were autumn leaves everywhere and not many people."

Daniella said yes straight away, the only problem was the ring wasn't the right size, it was too big, but John insisted she wear it.

The couple decided the get something to eat and watch the Christmas Spectacular in Times Square when the ring decided to have plans of its own!

"We were walking back to the hotel. I can still visualize the ring. Bouncing onceā€¦ bouncing twice and then it was gone," John said.

The couple called the police immediately for assistance, and the NYPD was able to open the grate with a crowbar. Despite lengthy searching with the aid of torches the ring proved to be elusive.

After two hours the couple accepted the ring was lost and decided to make the most of what remained of their weekend.

Daniella was inconsolable, John did his best to comfort her, and they left without giving their contact details to the officers.

The couple flew home and planned to buy a new engagement ring.

As the couple landed back in the UK and turned their phones on, they received messages from friends telling them that they were being made famous on social media due to a campaign by the NYPD.

The NYPD had posted CCTV of the couple at the grate and had used their Twitter account to appeal for the couple.

The couple doesn't have Twitter, so it was the sharp eyes of friends that made them aware of what was going on.

The couple stated; "We are so thankful to everyone - especially the New York Police Department and everyone who shared our story."

The couple will now work with NYPD to get the elusive runaway engagement ring back to them in the UK.