New Zealand Accent Voted Sexiest In The World

New Zealand Accent Voted Sexiest In The World

Yes, it has been voted for and made official - the sexiest accent the world has ever had. Surprisingly, the result was way too unexpected.

Among 50 others, the New Zealand accent, otherwise known as the 'Kiwi' accent, bagged first place. According to the 'Big 7 Travel,' 'Kiwi' may sound like an Australian accent for a novice; however, its readers think otherwise.

'The Newzild dialect is outrageously charming,' it has declared that the New Zealand accent is way different and more charming.

The New Zealand Accent is followed by its close contender's South African accent featuring its unique tones and Saffa slang and the universally adored Irish accent.

Personally, I was a little bit disappointed that my favorite Italian placed fourth. While it has been used to symbolize romance and class, not all the voters agreed to rank it first.

Expectedly, the Australian accent placed fifth as the "cousin" of the New Zealand Accent. "Pronouncing words long and slow – and often skipping the ends of them completely – is a real turn-on apparently."

The middle part of the list was taken by some ASIAN accents like the Filipino accent, known as "gentle and soft and simply lovely," and Vietnamese, a tonal language.

Other accents such as the Arabic accent, which is "throaty and with an almost French-sound" also placed in the middle together with Turkish, which has various "regional dialects and are beautiful to listen to."

The list was tailed by the last three accents, namely Croatian accent which is described as the "the least popular Slavic accent," Romanian otherwise described as "almost similar to Italian, but not quite there," and Thai which is "hugely tonal, but not hugely sexy."

However, don't lose heart if the result did not yield your favorite accents. In the first place, the voting was subjective, and the method done is unscientific.

It just began when the 'Big 7 Travel' website polled 1.5 million people worldwide to vote for the most attractive accent, and readers responded accordingly.

Anyway, here are the top 10 sexiest accents:

1 - Kiwi

2 - South African

3 - Irish

4 - Italian

5 - Australian

6 - Scottish

7 - French

8 – Spanish

9 – Southern USA

10 - Brazilian Portuguese