New York Times Calls For Banning Coffee Shops After Learning People Can Have Uncensored Conversations There

new york times calls for banning coffee shops after learning people can have uncensored conversations there

The New York Times thinks all coffee shops should be banned. The reason? People are having "unfettered conversations" while chitchatting and drinking their favorite beverage.

A writer Taylor Lorenz explained in one of the latest pieces:

"We must ban coffee shops, as people can have conversations there that journalists are unable to fact-check."

"I went up to a group in a coffee shop just the other day and sat down with them so I could record their conversation, fact-check, and dox them. They told me to "go away" and that "you're really weird and kinda scaring us a bit, lady" - is this the future of democracy? People participating in free speech without any journalists around to monitor them?"

There was also some history involed:

"This isn't the future the Founders -- who were racist and bigoted, by the way -- intended."

The New York Times article didn't just call out coffee shops. In fact, they want to ban all homes, water coolers, parks and pubs, gyms and bars, all "alt-right funnels," Why? Because people think, and then they talk, and it's getting out of hand!

To make matters worse, the papers are doing a piece about shutting our lips. Unless there a research journalist with you to do a quick fact check, you should be banned from public speaking. Or speaking in public, for that matter.

Let's just say talking is bad. Unless there are restrictions involved.