New Tattoo Trend: Birth Month Flowers 

New Tattoo Trend: Birth Month Flowers 

For a very long time, astrological sign tattoos have been a go-to for every tattoo virgin, as well as some veterans. Admittedly, this tat is something that you are highly unlikely to regret - after all, it's your birth date.

However, astrological signs have become a bit boring. There isn't too much variety with them. Plus, there's the obvious tackiness.


But there's a new trend (that's not tacky at all) and it's birth flowers. There are at least two for every month and flowers can look amazing on your skin.

So, the next time - or the first time - you go in for a tattoo, this can be your inspiration.

January - Carnations

This beautiful flower belongs to January babies. And trust me, they look amazing as tattoos. They come in a wide variety of colors - even mixes of colors - so they can easily fit in with any tattoos you already have.


Carnations represent pride and admiration but also beauty.

If you're not the biggest fan of Carnations, you can go for Snowdrop flowers (how appropriate). They symbolize hope.

February - Violets

February babies will be happy to know that their birth flower is Violets in all their purple glory. They also represent loyalty. But, if you're not a huge fan of purple, you can go for Primrose.


Primrose is another gorgeous flower related to February. This one represents the youth and the beauty of life.

March - Daffodils

With the first rays of spring, this yellow (or white) beauty signals new life. This is exactly the meaning of Daffodils and it's very suitable for March babies.


Another flower you could choose if you were born in March is Jonquil which represents vanity and desire.

April - Daisy

These adorable flowers represent innocence and love - a perfect meaning to a beautiful flower. April babies can also get Sweet Pea flower tattooed and it would look amazing.


May - Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has this amazing smell but it looks even better on the skin. It represents sweetness and humility while the other May flower, Hawthorn, represents happiness.

June - Rose

Roses have numerous meanings, depending on what color they are. However, if you find rose tattoos a bit boring, as a June baby, you can get honeysuckles too. They represent everlasting love.


July - Larkspur

This flower is not as well-known, but it comes in a wide variety of colors. Each color has a different meaning - purple one represents first love, the white one represents harmony, etc.

If you're looking for something more familiar, you can always go for Water Lilies which means purity.


August - Gladiolus

This beautiful flower represents remembrance. Because this meaning gets a bit sad, you can always go for Poppies which represent pleasure and success.

September - Aster

This purple beauty represents powerful love and revitalization. Or, if you are going for a more romantic version, you can go for Morning Glory which represents sweetness and affection.


October - Marigold

Marigold flowers perfectly encapsulate what October is all about. In fact, Marigolds represent the rays of the sun that guide recently departed into the afterlife. If you are going for a happier meaning, you can always tattoo the Cosmos flower which symbolizes peace.


November - Chrysanthemum

November people have only one flower at their disposal, but depending on the color you make it, it can mean different things. Red ones represent love, white ones innocence, etc.

December - Narcissus

Narcissus represents unconditional love which is a lovely meaning. Then there's Holly which represents happiness at home. Definitely not an easy choice for December babies.


So, there you go - the perfect selection of meaningful yet subtle tattoos. Take your pick!