New Study Shows Going To Concerts Will Make You Live 9 Years Longer

New Study Shows Going To Concerts Will Make You Live 9 Years Longer

It's time you stop feeling guilty for all that cash you spend to buy concert tickets. A new study by O2 has proved that attending live concerts can improve your wellbeing and also help you live longer. So if you're worried that you can't afford to overspend on your favorite show, you should know that it'll be worth your money in more ways than one.

Many people say music has the power to influence us, enrich our lives, and heal us. Cultures throughout the world have been using sound for centuries to protect and bring joy to their people. Although most of us in modern society believe that it was just pseudoscience, there are facts on the health benefits of music to back these claims.

Modern science agrees that there's a link between music, body healing, and well-being. This's true especially if you listen to it live.

Living A Longer Life


Patrick Fagan, an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith University, performed research on human behaviors. The study revolved around wellness activities including dog-walking, singing, listening to music, and yoga. After the survey, Fagan found that there exists a link between long life expectancy and concert attendance.

According to the study, spending 20 minutes only at a concert will improve the feelings of well-being by 21 percent. Also, it can increase mental stimulation by 75 percent, and self-worth feeling by 25 percent.

The research also discovered that live music increases the feeling of closeness with other people by 25 percent. This can be due to the close proximity you have with the person next to you at the concerts.


And when all these benefits of attending a concert are combined, they can lead to a lifespan increase of 9 years, as well as cause an improvement in your overall well-being.

The study also found that music fans who usually attend concerts once every 2 weeks are more likely to live longer. This regular attendance to live shows will improve your contentment, self-esteem, happiness, and productivity.

Other Benefits Of Attending A Live Concert

Music has numerous positive impacts on people. According to experts, listening to your favorite music can reduce depression, road rage, stress, and symptoms of PTSD.


It's also known to improve sleep quality. Experts say that music can help you become more creative or to remember something without much strain.

Music is also known to enhance physical performances. For instance, some researchers have discovered that listening to music while running can improve your running speed.

According to medical experts, music is helpful to patients before undergoing surgery. This is because it helps in relieving fear and anxiety. And once the operation is complete, cool songs will help in easing the pain.


What If I Can't Go To A Concert?

Some of us can't attend live concerts for different reasons. Perhaps you don't have enough money, time, or there isn't any show around your area. Either way, there're other practical things you can do to enjoy live music benefits.

Listen to music while in your car or use earphones while working. You can also listen to a friend playing a musical instrument.

Internet is another place you can stream live shows. Go online and watch live performance videos from your favorite musicians. It doesn't matter how you choose to listen to the songs. You'll still benefit from the music.