New Study Says A Clean House Is Better Than Sex

Part of being an adult is housework. It doesn't matter if you're an OCD type who needs organization or a packrat who doesn't mind clutter. When you have a clean house, you'll feel more at peace. In fact, a new study has shown that more people prefer a clean house than hot sex. Say what?

1 Cleanliness Above All Else, a site that purchases your old tech devices, conducted a survey with a sample of 1,000 people. Of this group, 44% admitted they would prefer a clean home over having mind-blowing intercourse. Um, okay. No offense, but really? Not only that, but these same people thought that a clean home was a bigger factor in a healthy relationship than their level of intimacy.

2 But Wait… There's More

These same people who prefer organization and cleanliness were so extreme that they would be willing to give up the privacy and independence of their own home and live with their parents, rather than live in a dirty house. Just a piece of advice for these readers. Don't have children. Kids don't care about being clean. Your house will become a war zone.

3 A Cleaner Home Can Improve Your Intimate Life

The study also revealed that 60% of the group experience an increase in their arousal levels after cleaning. Clearly, I must be cleaning wrong. When I'm done, all I want to do is lay around being lazy. Hmm.

4 The Secret? It Does Make Sense

Clutter draws our attention, increasing our stress levels. Stress does have a negative effect on arousal levels. This is due to a chemical called cortisol, which is considered the stress hormone. One expert stated that clutter and a dirty environment can cause a reduction in our energy levels, which totally makes sense! The larger the mess, the more overwhelming it can feel.

5 Cleaning is necessary for a balanced life

Having a clean home has a variety of benefits. Not only will it make you feel less stressed, but it can also help you feel more creative and inspirational, which is good for people like me who make a living off our creativity. In addition, it can make you more frisky, which your partner will enjoy. Who knows. If you let them in on your secret, they might start helping with chores so they can keep getting lucky. Don't laugh. I can at least dream.