New Pet Owner? 7 Things You Must Buy Before You Get Your Furry Friend Home!

Are you planning to adopt a dog? Well, adopting a dog is like having a baby. When someone has a baby, they need to buy a lot of things for the baby. After all, a new family member is coming home. Similarly, a dog is also an addition to your family. So you have to treat them with care and mindfulness!

Before you bring your furry friend home, you need to stock up on a few things. Wondering what they are? Thinking that you'd have to go through a lot of things? Well, don't look any further than the article below!


If you plan to adopt a dog, you should know that it must be taken on walks often. They love the outdoors, and you will most likely have to take them out every day. When you go on such walks, you need to put a harness on them. Harnesses help you have better control over your dog's movements. You can get Dog Harness Australia for your little furry friend and be sure that the product you're purchasing is perfect and the right one for you.


Like children, dogs love to play with toys. They can be chewing toys or just regular stuffed toys. But every pet dog needs toys. Hence, before bringing your furry friend home, make sure you buy many toys. This will ensure they have a good time in the new environment and feel at home. Besides, you can also play with them with the help of toys.

Food And Water Bowls

Similar to human beings, dogs need to be fed properly. Since they can't drink water out of a bottle, you need to give them water in a bowl. If you are adopting a dog, you need to take care of it properly. Before you bring a new dog home, buy different bowls for food and water. Keep the water bowl full of water to ensure your dog doesn't go thirsty. And serve their food in the food bowl on time.


If you have watched videos of dogs online or ever met a pet dog, you know how much they love treats. Besides their daily meals, dogs love to be awarded treats. You can find various tasty treats online. For example, if you plan on giving your dog some basic training, you can give them treats for following a command.

Electric Trimmer

Now this one is based on your dog's breed. If the dog you're planning to adopt is furry and often sheds fur, you should get an electric trimmer. This will help you groom your dog at home. If you aren't sure how to do it, you can ask your vet or watch online videos on how to do it.

Dog Brush

Again, this one is needed if you are planning on adopting a furry dog. Since they have long furs, you should get a dog brush to detangle their coat. Also, dog brushes help a lot when you have to bathe your dog. They are very impatient animals, and having a brush to apply and wash dog shampoo swiftly really helps. You can buy it from a pet store, but you can also find it online.

Dog Bed

Something dogs love more than their meals and treat is their beds. Yes, dogs often have different beds. If you can afford a dog bed, we highly recommend it. This gives them a space of their own where they can sleep comfortably. It also prevents them from trying to hog your bed every time they want to sleep. We recommend you buy something like this online. You can choose the material and price range according to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

We will end our article with 7 things you need to buy before you bring your furry friend home! And we hope to have been of help. We have suggested items that are a must-have before you bring your dog home. If you are well-prepared, your dog will find it easy to find its home in your house. What did you think of this article? Tell us about your views in the comments below.