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New Oreo Drink Mix Exists And Will Let You Dunk Your Favorite Oreos Into Oreos

I've recently learned that many people REALLY love Oreos! When Oreo Dunking Set hit the market, you all lost your freakin' minds, and it's not over yet. If you thought that was cool, you might need to sit down for this one.

There're plenty of ways to eat Oreos, but have you ever thought of actually drinking them? Now, a powdered Oreo drink mix exists, and it lets you do just that.

That's right, cookie enthusiasts. You can now dunk your Oreos into an Oreo-flavored glass of milk, Oreo-caption style.

new oreo drink mix exists and will let you dunk your favorite oreos into oreos

Which's The Best Way To Eat Oreos? Dunking Them, Of Course!

If you want to maximize your Oreo goodness, no one will stop you from dunking Oreo cookies in a mug of Oreo drink mix.

Dunking Oreos is like a science, but also an art.

Don't dip Oreos in the milk for too long, or they'll get soggy. You also need to keep a good grip on them, or you'll lose your precious cookie to the bottom of the glass.

What's More Refreshing Than Dunking Oreos in Milk? How About Dunking Oreos in Oreos?

Oreo cookie company has revealed a new powdered drink mix, a flavored Oreo powder that you can pour and stir into a milk glass.

On the drink-mix container, Oreo asks:

"Who doesn't love dunking an Oreo cookie in a big glass of cold, refreshing milk?"

"Now, you can enjoy the flavor of this classic combination with the Oreo drink mix. Enjoy real pieces of rich chocolate Oreo cookie crumble mixed with your favorite milk to recreate the timeless experience of dunking Oreo cookies in milk."

This Isn't The First Time We're Seeing This Tasty Product

In 2018, this powdery drink mix had a limited release, and it only appeared in select stores such as Food Lion, Hy-Vee, Southeastern Grocers, Albertsons, and Woodman' Markets.

Thankfully, we can now grab a container of this delicious stuff on Amazon for $4.46.

Each Container Can Make Up To 32 Eight-Ounce Servings Of Chocolate Milk

According to the dunkable cookie company, you can expect to get up to 50 calories and 11 grams of sugar per serving. But it'll depend on how much powder you prefer.

Step Up Your Oreo Game By Investing In Some Dunking Equipment

It has really been a good year for cookie lovers, with plenty of Oreos products in stores.

For example, you can buy this "Ultimate Dunking Set" at Walmart, and it comes with two Oreo-branded glass mugs, three packets of Oreos, two blue plastic stackers to attach to these mugs and two red tongs that help you dunk cookies into the chocolatey-Oreo bath.