New Netflix Doc Reveals Cult Leader Who Urged His Followers To Be Celibate While He Slept With Their Wives

A new Netflix documentary reveals a dangerous cult leader who instructed his followers to abstain from sex while engaging in sexual relationships with their spouses.

The streaming platform is recognized for providing some of the most impactful documentaries for viewers to stream.

Programs like Stutz, Tiger King, and Conversations With A Killer have shared revealing narratives.

There's a recent documentary that narrates the account of a religious cult and its stunning deeds.

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Waco: American Apocalypse recounts the chilling tale of David Koresh, the head of the Branch Davidians religious cult, who confronted the US government during a 51-day standoff.

The event occurred in Waco, Texas, in 1993 and commenced with the most massive shootout on American land since the Civil War.

Nevertheless, 86 individuals lost their lives after the compound that housed the cult was engulfed in flames.

The Waco Siege, also identified as the Waco Massacre, resulted in the fatalities of children, cult members, and law enforcement officers.

This also encompassed Koresh, who perished either from the fire or from gunfire.

The documentary, which has received an 81 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, narrates the story and Koresh's sway over his adherents.

The leader of the cult, whose birth name was Vernon Wayne Howell, was born in 1959 and had a difficult childhood due to his mother's young age when she gave birth to him and an absent father.

His mother's partner was abusive towards him.

At 19 years old, Koresh engaged in an unlawful relationship with a 15-year-old girl and as a result, was expelled from his church for proclaiming that God instructed him to be with the pastor's daughter.

That led him to join the Branch Davidians, a millenarian religious group established by Benjamin Roden in 1955.

His convictions gained popularity among his adherents, and he rapidly climbed the ranks of the cult, ultimately becoming its leader.

He asserted that he could make predictions, including the arrival of the end of the world.

As a result, the cult accumulated numerous weapons in anticipation of the apocalypse.

Throughout his tenure as the leader, Koresh faced accusations of sexually assaulting and abusing multiple children and initiating "marriages" with women who were already wed.

In addition, he prohibited husbands from masturbation and sex, despite engaging in sexual activities with their wives, and even mocked them by inquiring if they were envious of him for sleeping with their spouses.

Despite his actions, his followers continued to revere him, as they believed God chose him.

One of his female adherents acknowledged that being in Koresh's presence felt like they were conversing with God.

They include: "Sex was just a part of it."

"The sermon made every touch not feel like s** at all, just a culmination of my relationship with God that I'd had all my life."

Meanwhile, his male disciples believed they were God's 'guinea pigs'.