New Mom Started OnlyFans To Pay Bills, But Quickly Becomes Millionaire

New Mom Started Onlyfans To Pay Bills But Quickly Becomes Millionaire

Karmen Karma, 30, reveals how starting OnlyFans saved her family from poverty.

Not long ago, Karmen welcomed a baby girl with her husband, Alex. Life is expensive enough, especially since the family was living on Alex's salary.

Alex was working in the Navy, the family was stationed in Hawaii, and Karmen often found herself skimping on food and had to turn to the government's Women, Infants, and Children program for help.

Speaking about this period in their lives, Karmen said:

"Every penny was accounted for, I had just enough to eat, but obviously, with a new baby and breastfeeding, I needed nutritious food – and lots of it."

"I felt like I was always hungry. Luckily we qualified for the government's WIC program, which provided help for the baby."

But things changed almost overnight, and now Karmen is a millionaire.

Karmen Karma Is A Hit On OnlyFans

Karmen worked as an adult actress between 21 and 25. She thought about going back to being a sex worker, but being away from her newborn was not an option.

She said:

"I didn't like being on sets anymore or being away from my baby."

"I've got nothing against working in adult films, and some people love it."

"For me, I just felt like I'd outgrown it. It really got me down every time I went to shoot a scene."

Karmen continued shooting adult movies for some time, but the sets got closed due to the pandemic, and Karmen turned to OnlyFans.

She explained:

"I think a lot of people felt a sense of relief when some industries were forced to shut during the lockdown, and they couldn't work. However, then you immediately start worrying about money."

Karmen's experience with the adult platform, which came as a necessity, is overall quite positive:

"I started working online and was soon making more money than I ever had in the sex industry."

She continued:

"As much as it's about posting sexy content, a lot of it is about interacting with my followers – that's where I earn most of my money."

Making The Big Bucks

Karmen is not hiding how much she earns:

"I can earn $300 a session sexting with just one guy, which can easily turn into $160,000 a month."

Karmen's net worth is now around two million, despite welcoming another daughter only five months ago.

Mom of two now has a vast Instagram following, and she uses the social media platform to share sexy snaps. The most significant success is that Karmen has paid for her daughters' college funds and is focused on giving them everything they want.