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New IPhone 15 Video Causes Stir: It Breaks Easily

New IPhone 15 Video Causes Stir: It Breaks Easily

The newest iPhone is out, and guess what? Some users have already found a potential problem with it!

We all know how tricky it is to handle our smartphones; a small slip and it might just crash land, screen-first. The big screens are cool for gaming or scrolling through social media, but it does mean we have to be super careful not to drop them.

Some choose to encase their phones in super tough cases. It makes the phone safe, but let's be honest, it also makes it look kind of bulky and not as cool. And of course, a huge crack across the screen isn't exactly a fashion statement.

But here's the twist! For the iPhone 15, it's not the screen that's causing worries—it's the back of the phone! There's a video going around showing someone testing out just how tough the new model is.

New IPhone 15 Video Causes Stir: It Breaks Easily

They're doing a 'stress test' to see if the phone can handle the roughness of daily life because, let's face it, phones go through a lot. However, it seems like the new iPhone isn't a fan of stress! Even a little pressure causes the back to crack. Sure, the phone still works, but who wants a cracked phone, right?

We all know no phone can survive extreme things like being run over by a train or falling from great heights, but we do expect them to handle small falls or being sat on without turning into a cracked mess!

This new discovery has left a lot of fans wondering if the new design is worth the risk. Only time will tell if this trendy piece of tech can survive the adventures of our everyday lives.

This is exactly what's causing a stir since the video surfaced. Viewers have been buzzing, sharing various theories and expressing their concerns over the potential damage.

Someone commented: "The point is it's not taking much force. That's accidentally leaving it in your pocket as you sit or dropping it wrong."

New IPhone 15 Video Causes Stir: It Breaks Easily

"No other iPhone has done that. I love Apple but this isn't good or acceptable. I think it's because the titanium is too strong so the pressure goes to the glass as there's no bend in the frame."

Another wrote: "Nah I doubt that's why, it's probably because they redesigned the back to be removable and there is less support under the glass so it can shatter if you apply force to the wrong spot. Steel is generally tougher than titanium and they never had that issue with steel frame."

For a gadget that kicks off at £32.29 a month or has a straight-up price tag of £799, you'd expect it to be pretty robust - but trying this on your own phone might not be the best idea.