New Female "Prison Bae" Nyla Murrell Sparks Frenzy Online From Men Who Offer To Bail Her Out

Jeremy Meeks, also known as #PrisonBae, gained fame in 2014 after his mugshot was uploaded online and he transformed from a convict to a model. However, a new viral criminal has emerged, this time a woman named Nyla Murrell-French. Despite serving a seven-year sentence at an adult detention center in Minneapolis for stabbing a woman in the neck during a gas station fight in 2018, many people, including men and women, are still interested in supporting her while she is behind bars.

1. Murrell-French's Prison Shots Were Uploaded To Her Facebook Page Over The Weekend

It is uncertain whether she personally uploaded the pictures with internet access or if they were posted on her behalf by a friend or family member, but the images quickly garnered attention. "Have you guys seen prison bae 😂 guys are about to risk it all to save her from jail 🙌😅," one Twitter user.

2. Men Started Going Nuts For Her Immediately

Shortly after, comments flooded in with thousands of people offering to marry her, send her money, and lavish her with gifts. "Baddie, let me know when you get out," one person wrote. "W2s [are going to] go out and I've been saving for a crib but I'll spend it to get you out," another joked. One guy even requested for her freedom, saying: "Whatever she did she's forgiven…free her fine ass right now."

3. Of Course, Many Men Didn't Know What She Did Before Professing Their Love

Upon discovering the atrocious details of her assault on the victim, a man penned: "I was like [heart-eye emoji] until I found out what you went to jail for. Smdh." Another added: "You can't just go around stabbing someone and expect to be free or to not do time in prison."

4. To Be Fair, Murrell-French Has Shown Remorse For Her Crime

According to WCCO, in April 2019, Nyla Murrell-French, who was 19 years old at the time, was convicted of stabbing another teenage girl during a fight. The victim survived but suffered a collapsed lung and jugular injuries. In addition to the stabbing, Murrell-French had accumulated nine theft charges. While in court, she cried and expressed remorse for her actions.

Expressing gratitude to her new supporters, she also provided her JPay prison money-wiring details, in the event that someone desired to send her financial assistance.