New Dating Website Is Here For Men With Small Penises

New Dating Website Is Here For Men With Small Penises

Maybe the timing is off, but the new dating website is reminding everyone that size doesn't matter. Yes, we all miss dating, and men with small tools should not be marginalized!

Ladies, dudes, and the rest of you: there's a new website Dinky One, and it's dedicated to all the men with smaller penises. It's merely a dating site, like any other, but with a mission: to combat the harmful stigma surrounding manhood.

It does kind of sound as if men want to be more than the size of their breasts. Sorry, I meant penises, though you can't deny that it is ironic for all women to hear this after centuries of fighting sexism.

Despite the irony, men's penis size is totally stressful. Guys know that women talk, and they are afraid. They need us to praise their ding dongs, to feel secure and all manly. Yet, we are the hormonal one…

Website founder David Minns explained: "Dinky One was created to help guys who are smaller than average." The site currently has over 30,000 members, with a ratio of 71 percent male to 27 percent female and 2 percent transgender.

new dating website is here for men with small penises

Users pointed out why this dating service matters. You know that you're not going to find BigTool4You, so there will be no surprises. The only surprise might be the positive one.

And while Tinder is warning users about hooking up in the time of coronavirus, the new website is thinking ahead. No, you don't have to post photos of your "thing," in fact, that's a big no-no. But, you have to verify your email and start talking to interested parties. Later, once the pandemic is over, you can do the nasty, get married, have babies… That's up to you.

Dinky One still isn't available as an app, but we hope it will become one soon enough. Having a safe place for below average-sized penises may seem trivial, but it's a vital part of someone's dating life. Thanks to the adult film industry, women have enormous breasts and perfect bodies, and men… Well, their tools are quite disturbingly large.

When you can't date due to fear of having a smaller penis, your whole social life is nonexistent. That leads to isolation and depression, yet it's not as if the world truly needs enormous penises. Human nature is wonderfully weird, and we are all insecure instead of being grateful. Things could be worse. Smaller.

If you feel like you're not god's gift to the average-sized penis army, join Dinky One and try out your luck. Perhaps it's not your penis size. Maybe you're merely a dick, and there's no app to help you with that!

Perhaps people will start talking more, and the hookups will become more meaningful? No, that's merely my wishful thinking! But, do not begin anything physical right away. Wait for the COVID-19 crisis to end!