Never Waste Your Time Chasing Someone Who’s Not Meant For You

One of the hardest truths to accept is that there are guys who simply were not meant to be part of our lives, right? Regardless of how important they are or how much we try we keep them, they are just not meant to be with us.

Should you go after someone who doesn’t want to stay? Going after someone you love has always been believed to be proof of love and devotion. It’s been considered a romantic act. People often say that you should fight for your love and do everything you can to make the relationship work. While chasing can be interesting and fun in the beginning, it might bring some problems later on.

When chasing becomes the norm, it’s no longer enjoyable.

I don’t enjoy waiting for the text or the call back without knowing the outcome. Chasing is not fun to me! I don’t like setting dates and making schedules as if I am more concerned about the meeting than the other party. I don’t like making an effort and feel as if my efforts are just in vain. It’s hard to put all your energy into someone who does not do or show anything at all. I would not feel good about myself when I realize that I am the only one fighting for the relationship.

Remember, there are guys that you would have no relationship with if you remove your effort from the equation. This should show you that you are the only one who wants the relationship to succeed. When you are the only one in the relationship trying, you will feel as if you are literally chasing after your partner. Everything happens with a purpose and if someone decides that he doesn’t want to be a part of my life, so be it. Assume you are making friends. If you are meant to be friends with someone, everything will automatically fall into place. You will travel together, hang out together, check on each other and decide to be in each other’s lives.

We are constantly trying to look for excuses to justify why other people are not there for us, and everything should be very simple. After some time, I realized that I should not be making excuses anymore. Where there is a will, there will always be away. If someone wants to spend time with you, nothing would ever stop them. Remember, it’s not your job to show people your real worth. Instead, learn to appreciate yourself more. If someone cannot see my true value, then they are not worth my time and energy. This does not mean that I am selfish. It just means that other people should play their part.

While it’s never easy to just walk away when you’ve invested so much in a relationship. Don’t waste your time chasing someone who does not want to spend their time with you. Their effort is what will show whether they are interested in you or not. If someone decides to leave me, then he was never meant to be with me, so I just let go. Since you deserve to be loved and cared for, keep your love and energy for the right people. Anything else is not worth your effort.