Never Ignore A Person Who Loves You And Cares For You

Never Ignore A Person Who Loves You And Cares For You

Do you take time to show appreciation to your loved ones? How often do you reply to the ' I love you' or 'I miss you' text from your spouse?

I wouldn't be surprised that you are among the many people who never seem to care about the text messages or even have the courtesy to call back a person after a missed call. Well, it's time you start showing appreciation and love to the ones who care about you.

There was a certain man who felt a little tired of the sweet and caring messages that his girlfriend kept sending him. She would occasionally send him the 'I miss you,' 'I love you,' 'Hey dear, have you eaten' and so on messages.

On the other hand, instead of replying to the text messages, the person would, more often than not, either reply much later or simply ignore them. However, this didn't stop the caring girlfriend from sending them. I mean, she did deeply care for and love him.

One night as he lay on his bed, he got a text message from his girlfriend. However, as it was typical of him, he ignored it and chose to sleep.

Come the next morning. He received a call from the girlfriend's mother. In between tears, she managed to narrate to him that his girlfriend had been murdered in the night. This was the same time he had received the text, which he was yet to read at that point.

After the talk, he got his phone and then read the text message. And it read, "Honey, please come and help me. I think someone is trailing me. I'm near your street…please come."

You can imagine the shock and grief that he felt.

All this because of taking things for granted.

After reading the above story, you, like many other people, are probably moved and touched. I mean, if the guy took just a few seconds to respond to the text, her girlfriend would probably still be alive. Not only did he lose a person who appreciated, loved, and was concerned about him a lot, but in the event, other people, including her mom, family, relatives, and friends, got hurt.

Ever heard of the saying, "you never know what you got until it's gone?" well, don't let regrets haunt you for the rest of your life. Don't take life for granted. Start showing love, appreciation, and care to the people who love and are concerned about you.

It may be as simple as replying to the text, reading the message on time, or even a simple 'hi,' 'hello,' or 'I miss you.'

Your work may seem a little more important than replying to the text. You will still meet the person at the end of the day once you get home. You do care about the person but don't really express yourself; showing them you care is simple.

Never ignore the one who loves, appreciates, and cares about you. A day may come when they are gone, and you'll discover that you were busy counting stars only to lose the moon.