Never Go Home With A Guy Until You Know These 14 Things About Him


If you're looking for a relationship instead of a one-night stand, it might be tempting to go back to his place after a date, but it's wise to take your time to get to know him first. Here are 14 important things to find out about the guy before you decide to follow him home.

1. That "drinks at my place" isn't code for sex

If you're not interested in just a casual fling, it's best to clarify what he's looking for before going to his place to avoid any unwanted advances. Ask him about his intentions to prevent any potential disappointment.


2. What Google says about him

Doing an internet search on the guy's name might seem like stalking, but it can be helpful. It's better to ensure that he has a clean online presence before visiting him, rather than finding something you don't like later.

3. That he shares your values

To avoid disappointment, it's essential to speak to the guy and try to understand his values, beliefs and attitudes before visiting his place. Finding out on the date that he holds sexist views can be upsetting, especially if you were excited about the idea of visiting his place.


4. What he does in his spare time

It may seem insignificant, but the activities he enjoys can indicate the type of lifestyle he leads. It's important to find out if he spends his weekends playing video games in a dark room, surviving on Coke and Lays chips, or indulging in drug use and heavy drinking before visiting his place.


5. What pets he has

Whether you have pet allergies or not, it's important to ask if he has any animals before visiting his place. Discovering he has snakes or spiders you can't handle would be a waste of your time, and finding out he hates animals when you're an animal lover could indicate incompatibility.

6. That he's really single

While a Facebook search may reveal this information, it's best to ask the guy directly about his relationship status. It's not pushy to ask, as you have the right to know if he's seeing other women, especially if you're intimate with him.


7. When he last got tested

Visiting his house often implies sexual activity, so it's crucial to confirm that he has recently undergone HIV and STI testing and to understand his safe sex practices. If he is against using condoms, it's essential to ask him to leave.

8. That he can hold a conversation

Prolonged and uncomfortable silences during a conversation can indicate a lack of connection between the two of you. It's better to recognize this before visiting his place for dinner, so you're not left feeling foolish or bored. If you're not enjoying the conversation, it's best not to waste your time.


9. His living arrangements

Knowing his living situation is crucial before visiting his place. It's essential to understand whether he lives with roommates, family, his ex-girlfriend or alone. Living with family could mean meeting them, which may not be comfortable for everyone. His living situation also gives insight into his life, like if he's unemployed or has baggage if he's living with his ex-girlfriend.


10. What gets under his skin

Knowing what annoys and frustrates him is crucial because it can reveal whether he's a patient person or someone who is prone to anger outbursts. It's best to avoid being around the latter type of person.

11. That he's happy in his life

Asking questions about his life and his feelings is crucial. If he seems content and positive about where he is, it's a good sign that he has his life together. It's important to avoid getting involved with someone who's in a bad place and looking for someone else to fix it. You want a partner who can make themselves happy and has their act together.


12. That he's seriously into you

After going on a few dates, it's important to feel that he's genuinely interested in you and not just looking for a one-night stand. If the feelings are mutual, it's a good sign that you're on the right track. You should feel special and cared for when you're with him.

13. His views on sex

Even if you're not looking for a relationship, it's important to make sure you're on the same page sexually. What are his expectations for the morning after sex? Will he kick you out or offer you breakfast? What are his preferences in bed and what does sex mean to him? Asking these questions can give you a better understanding of what to expect from him sexually and whether or not he'll be a disappointment.


14. That he's consistent

To ensure that his interest in you is genuine, observe how he behaves in various situations. Does he treat you the same in public as in private? Is he available to see you regularly or just when he's bored and lonely? Watch how he interacts with his friends and acquaintances to get a better sense of his personality.