Never Date A Guy Who's Constantly Posting Selfies

In the age of smartphones, taking selfies is a common practice among people. However, there is a thin line between taking a selfie to capture a moment and developing a selfie addiction. It's not just women who indulge in this practice, but also men who can easily fill their camera rolls with selfies. Though harmless initially, if the man you're interested in takes an excessive amount of selfies, it might be worth reconsidering your involvement with him.

1. Research Says He Could Be A Psychopath

Studies have found that taking selfies can be linked to mental disorders and even psychopathy. According to Ohio State University, impulsiveness is one of the symptoms of psychopathy, and a man who takes quick selfies and posts them impulsively on social media can display this behavior. This is even more concerning if he does it frequently.

2. He Could Also Be Narcissistic

Another study has revealed that editing selfies is associated with narcissism. Narcissistic people are often desperate for love, which could explain why some men strive to capture the perfect selfie. However, they are usually unable to reciprocate love in a relationship. As a result, a selfie-obsessed guy may not make for a good boyfriend.

3. He Won't Be Focused On You

The selfie king is only interested in himself. He spends a significant amount of time ensuring that he looks his best in the pictures he posts. As a result, he may spend more time staring at himself in the mirror than looking into your eyes.

4. Those Selfies Could Lead To Selfishness

This selfish behavior could spill over into your relationship, with the selfie king preferring to talk about himself and his problems rather than listening to you.

5. He's Probably Insecure

The selfie king's self-worth is reliant on the approval of others and the number of "likes" he receives. If he doesn't receive the validation he seeks, he may become despondent and anxious, and you'll likely be the one who has to listen to his complaints. If you're in a relationship with him, this could result in unnecessary drama. It's best to avoid such situations altogether.

6. He Won't Be Living In The Moment

Instead of savoring the moment with you by his side, a guy who is fixated on selfies will want to capture every experience through the lens of his camera. If you happen to point out a beautiful sunset, he will insist on a picture of himself in front of it. Even when you are about to indulge in a delicious slice of cake, he will interrupt you to take a photo of himself eating it for his followers to see.

7. He's Likely To Be A Phubber

If a guy is constantly taking selfies, he will likely be glued to his phone, constantly checking for notifications and responses to his pictures. As a result, when you try to spend quality time with him, he will be guilty of phubbing you - completely disregarding you and paying more attention to his phone.

8. He Values His Online Life Too Much

A guy who frequently posts selfies places great importance on his online image and social media presence. He wants to create an illusion of perfection to impress others. However, it's nothing but a facade, as everyone knows these pictures are filtered and edited beyond recognition. You have to wonder what he's missing in his real life that he's so obsessed with his digital footprint.

9. He Places Too Much Importance On His Appearance

This guy's preoccupation with his appearance is evident in his obnoxious selfies. His fixation on superficiality can make it difficult to establish a genuine connection with him.

10. He Might Have A Wandering Eye

It's natural to question whether being in a relationship with a selfie king could increase the likelihood of infidelity. While it may seem far-fetched, it's worth considering why he feels the need to constantly impress people online. Could it be a ploy to attract other women and keep his options open? While some men may use selfies as a confidence booster, it's possible that others post revealing photos to catch the attention of other women.

11. He's Desperate For Attention

Nothing is more unappealing than a grown man who craves attention relentlessly. The selfie habit is all about seeking attention and validation from others. In real life, he's probably the one who tries too hard to be the center of attention, or takes hours to get ready just to look the best in the room. It's like a child throwing a tantrum to grab people's attention.