Never Date A Guy Who Makes You Feel Insecure


In a healthy relationship, one should feel loved, supported, and nurtured. Although every couple faces difficulties at times, one's confidence in the ability to work through issues as a team should remain constant, along with the partner's commitment to the relationship. Dating someone who causes you to feel insecure about your appearance, their actions when you're not together, or their intentions for the relationship is not advisable, as you deserve better.


1. He May Have Something To Hide

If someone continually undermines your self-esteem, causes you to doubt yourself, your partner, or your relationship, they are either severely misguided or are genuinely engaged in something suspicious. In either case, it is unacceptable, and you do not have to tolerate it, so refrain from doing so.

2. Your Boyfriend Should Embrace Your Flaws And Love You Despite Them

No one is flawless, and that's okay. You may have some imperfections, but so does your partner. If you can overlook his shortcomings and still desire to be with him, why should he object? It is not acceptable for a guy who genuinely cares about you to make you feel awful about things you cannot alter or are striving to improve on, so it's best to leave him.


3. You Should Never Let Someone Else's Opinion Dictate Your Self-worth

Your self-esteem should not rely on anyone else's perception of you; it is determined by how you view yourself. You should never allow a man to diminish your self-worth or make you believe that you do not deserve genuine, enduring love because that is utter nonsense. Instead, empower yourself and remove yourself from his presence.


4. Insecurity Will Drive You Nuts In The End

If you spend the entirety of your relationship questioning his actions, the company he keeps, the meaning of his previous text messages, or whether he envisions a future with you, you will eventually become insane, and to what end?

5. Why Would You Want To Be Someone Who Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself?

Who would want to endure constant scrutiny and criticism? Being with a person who causes you to feel insecure is akin to inflicting agony upon oneself. While offering constructive criticism is acceptable, there is a fine distinction between providing guidance and causing someone to feel inferior.


6. You Shouldn't Have To Work To Earn Someone's Love

The person you are with ought to appreciate you for who you are, not who you have the potential to become. There is a threshold to the amount of energy you must expend to satisfy someone. Therefore, do not waste your vitality on an undeserving individual.

7. Your Relationship Doesn't Define You

You are your harshest critic, and occasionally, you can be excessively self-critical. Nonetheless, your relationship does not determine your identity, and neither does the man you are with. If your boyfriend is causing you to feel terrible, you should not be questioning yourself, but instead, you should consider leaving him.


8. You're Amazing Just The Way You Are

Despite any unfavorable remarks or disapprovals, remember that you are extraordinary just as you are, and there is no need to alter yourself for anyone. You are the one in charge of your life and have the final say on how anyone influences your emotions. Do not allow a man to cause you to feel insecure, and more crucially, do not engage in a relationship with someone who makes you feel that way.