Neuroscientists Recommend You Should Visit The Beach As Regularly As Possible— And Here's Why

Neuroscientists Recommend You Should Visit The Beach As Regularly As Possible— And Here’s Why

We all know spending time in the outdoors is good for you on both physical and mental levels, but the benefits of spending time, specifically at the beach, have just been revealed.

That incredible feeling of calmness and peace you get at the beach is now being dubbed by scientists "blue space."

It turns out. These feelings aren't just all in your head. According to science, the soothing experience is, in fact, a change in the way your brain reacts to its environment, leaving you feeling relaxed, happy, and reenergized.

A study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology reveals that the beach offers impressive restorative benefits.

Aaron Hipp, A Ph.D. the author of the study, an environmental expert and an assistant professor at the Brown School, says:

"Many studies have proven that natural environments such as waterfronts and beaches can offer more benefits to humans than gyms, built urban environments, and entertainment venues."

"The restorative environment at the beach is when the tides are low and the day temperatures are mild. People who were visiting the beach on a day that was about 3 (F) warmer than other days have a 30% decreased chance to perceive the coastal park or beach as restorative, comparing to the ones that were visiting the beach when it was colder."

And as reported by The Fact:

"Both the sun and the waves combined work to completely relax your body, release you from your aches, and free you from daily stresses. Not only is serotonin almost immediately released when you arrive on the beach (serotonin is a key hormone for relaxation and happiness), but the sound and visuals of the beach and ocean are so soothing and peaceful."

"It's for the calming effects of the sound that crashing waves are often chosen for sleep machines. Additionally, light therapy is actually prescribed by doctors and therapists to help patients combat anxiety and stress."

Let's Look at the Benefits of Each Component of the Beach

1. The Sun

Exposure to the sun boosts vitamin D levels in your body, strengthens your bones, boosts the absorption of calcium, and prevents issues like congestive heart failure, stroke, heart attacks, and other heart problems.

It also prevents autoimmune diseases and elevates endorphin levels. However, to lower the risk of skin cancer, limit exposure to excess sunlight.

2. Sand

The soles of our feet are the center of most nerve endings. Walking in the sand improves your mood and boosts feet muscle strength.

You can also stimulate metabolism by covering yourself with warm sand.

3. Seawater

The seawater contains minerals such as potassium, iodine, and magnesium, which detoxify your body and treat infections.

The sounds of the waves also stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine. The blue color is calming and boosts your mood.

This water also contains salt, which can heal cuts and sores and fights pimples and acne, and blackheads. It exfoliates the scalp as well as cleansing the hair oils.

Additionally, swimming is another effective physical exercises that can help you stay fit and in shape.

It lowers stress levels and treats anxiety and depression. Swimming also relieves joint pain, soothes the symptoms of arthritis as well as reducing the risks of chronic illnesses.

Surprisingly, spending time at the beach can solve the issue of insomnia. It's allowing you to experience a truly wonderful night's sleep later.