Netflix’s New Horror Show Is So Scary It’s Making People Pass Out

A lot of people are used to seeing pretty horrifying and gory things, including real-life snuff films that would make even the most hardened horror fans wretch their guts, but no one was ready for the new horror show that Netflix recently released.

Netflix’s new The Haunting of Hill House is in a league of its own when it comes to inducing chills on its viewers, myself being one of them. I was so afraid that I practically froze in my seat and became eerily suspicious of even the very seat I was sitting on.

At the height of this terror, any sound would have been enough to send me into a manic frenzy or induce fainting; I was as terrified as I could be.

What’s funny is that I thought I had outgrown these kinds of feelings, especially in regards to films and television shows. I clearly knew them to be fiction. However, the creators of The Haunting Hill House really got me. I have to give them credit for playing on my fears so effectively.

The intensity of the series is palpable, and it goes to show how surreal a well-made series can actually get. It is based, to some extent, on the Gothic novel The Haunting of Hill House, written way back in 1959. So layered and rich that it could easily be turned into a riveting multi-episode series.

The film is centered around the dysfunctional Craine family, and it proceeds from one episode to the next at a deliberate and brisk pace that keeps you hooked, terrified, and looking forward to what comes next. The family is living in their own world of horrors, the Hill House, where everything that could go wrong clearly does in the most terrifying of ways.

In this incredible story, the family members see their futures get ruined; and this is made apparent by the captivating dialogues, compelling details, and top-notch acting skills. These are aspects that may horror film productions do not pay attention to, but here they heighten the intensity of horror to levels even I could never have imagined.

Sure, there is a slight detour from the original story in the book, but the series has enough elements from the story to impress even its most devoted readers.

As far as horror productions go, The Haunting of Hill House has set another level. Everything in this production is so well put together, so scary, so seemingly real, and it plays on many well-known fears. I literally had to hold to my seat with the depraved jump scares.

There is plenty of horror to go around, even for the most hardened horror fans. The Hill House itself is the stuff of nightmares. The darkened corridors, creepy statues, and the lost grandeur of the hill house all make for an intensely real horror experience.

While the funeral parlor home gets a miss in this production, there is a lot of scary drama. This includes ghosts and other incredible scares that could induce mass fainting among viewers. Some viewers have admitted to holding their breath, out of fear, almost to the point of passing out.

Some could not take it all at once – they needed a break. Many others found a hard time sleeping after watching. So, I’m clearly not alone in thinking this series takes the cake as far as horror productions go.