Netflix's 'Must-See' Show: Why It Is Called 'The Most Important Series In History'

A Netflix series is receiving high praise as 'the most important series in history'.

From The Sopranos to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad to Friends, TV series have become famous for their notable contributions and impact on popular culture.

With an abundance of new content available for streaming these days, it's becoming increasingly challenging to distinguish oneself in such a way.

Nevertheless, audiences have raved about one show in particular, with some referring to it as the "most impactful" series they have ever watched.

Maid, a 10-episode series based on Stephanie Land's bestselling memoir featured in The New York Times, is gaining significant attention and acclaim.

The series chronicles the journey of a young mother named Alex (Margaret Qualley) who faces emotional abuse from her alcoholic partner, Sean (Nick Robinson).

The show's premise revolves around one young mother's incredible journey of survival and strength as she navigates poverty, abuse, and her pursuit to redefine her worth against all odds.

On social media, numerous fans have expressed their views on the significance of the show, with one Facebook user claiming that Maid could potentially be the most important series in history.

The user states: "Maid on Netflix is possibly one of the most important series in history."

"Yep. I said it."

"Why is talking about domestic violence so important? It's important because even though women are the victims, domestic violence carries this terrible stigma even in 2021."

"It's important because abusers are often publicly great guys."

"The victim's family loves them and they will often defend the abuser, leaving the victim without a support system."

"The victim becomes the bad guy who wants to break up the family."

"This series is important because abusers themselves and many other people do not understand how terrorizing verbal and mental abuse is – the constant promise of change, the apologies."

Fans on Twitter have expressed similar sentiments, with one user declaring that Maid is among the most impactful shows they've watched.

"Maid is one of the most powerful shows I've seen in a really long time," a commenter stated.

"My favorite thing about Maid on Netflix is Alex wasn't even physically abused," another one wrote.

"It was emotional abuse."

"But it's proof that physical abuse isn't the only abuse in relationships and emotional abuse is just as serious and leaving is always okay."

You can stream the series on Netflix.