Netflix Horror Film 'The Platform' Is So Scary, It Is Leaving Viewers Unable To Sleep

The Spanish horror film, The Platform, is not for the faint of heart - many viewers have reported being so scared by the movie that they couldn't sleep afterward.

1. Be Warned: This Movie Is Seriously Messed Up

The flick is unlike many other "horror" movies that are rated PG-13 at best. This film is a hard R, and it's so disturbing that it could even be considered unrated. While Netflix doesn't market it that way, The Platform is incredibly messed up.

2. The Description Alone Is Intriguing But Does Not Sound Scary

Netflix's synopsis reads, "A slab of food descends floor by floor in a prison. The inmates above eat heartily, leaving those below starving and desperate. A rebellion is imminent." Although it may not seem frightening at first, trust me, it is.

3. The Viewer Reactions Say It All

"I thought that the human centipede was the most f**ed up movie I've ever watched but then I watched platform and HOLT SH**," one commenter thought

"The Platform on Netflix is so f**ked first time I've actually felt sick watching a movie," another shared.

4. At Least It Will Get Your Mind Off The Horrors Happening In The Real World

With so much happening in the world today, it can be downright frightening at times. Although watching a horror movie may not seem like the most appealing option, it can actually be a brilliant idea. The events depicted in films like The Platform are not reflective of reality in any way, making it a safe and enjoyable form of terror. By focusing on the movie, viewers can momentarily forget about real-world problems. Well played, Netflix.